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I always found myself looking forward to Fridays.  It was casual dress with the office closing at 3pm.  My wife and I were going to have our usual date night – probably dinner and a movie.  I kicked off my shoes and called out for my wife when I got home.  She yelled from the kitchen, “I’m here”.

When I rounded the corner to the kitchen, the first thing that caught my eye was a huge black guy sitting at the head of the table.  I looked to my wife, ‘Hey babe.  What’s going on?”  I wondered if maybe we were being robbed . Maybe she was buying drugs or something crazy like that.  My wife couldn’t look me in the eyes.  She just said, “Hey.”

I sized up the black guy.  He was wearing a t-shirt and basketball shorts.  All he was doing was rocking back and forth on the legs of the chair, but he still came across as a threat.  I looked at my wife again.  “Maggie, talk to me.”  She glanced at me for a moment and made a motion like she was going to speak.  She paused, shook her head, and then bowed her head.  The black guy reached over and took her tiny left hand into his hand in support. It was strange, but I was more disconcerted by the contrast of his skin over hers than the covering of her wedding ring by his black hand.

My gut convulsed under a shock of adrenalin.  It was like a little bomb went off in the pit of my stomach.  She’s going to divorce me. This guy must be here to protect her from me.  Fuck!  She’s leaving me.  I stood there motionless and slack-jawed.  I couldn’t utter a word.  The silence was painfully awkward.

The black guy squeezed my wife’s hand and cleared his throat.  “Jon, I’m going to help Maggie out here.”  I thought to myself – how the fuck does he know my name?  He motioned for me to have a seat next to him and across from my wife.  I just stood there.  He raised his voice a tad and said, “Have a seat now, please.” Like an obedient schoolboy, I listened to his command.

“Maggie has something to say to you, and she’s worried how you’re going to take it.”  I nodded, because I still couldn’t speak.  Maggie had her eyes transfixed on the table setting in front of her. “This is weird.  This is weird. Jon, your wife and I are dating.”

Another sharp burst of adrenalin coursed through my body straight to my core.  There wasn’t much of a fight or flight reflex going on.  I opted for stunned and motionless response and just sat there.  “Now, I am respectful of your marriage.  I don’t want to come between you and Maggie, and Maggie doesn’t want to leave you.  She loves you, bro.”  Maggie nodded her head in agreement as she continued to stare at the table. I wondered if she realized the irony and stupidity of the black guy’s words.

He said, “Feel free to speak, Jon.  I am not trying to dominate the conversation.”  With my voice cracking, I barely managed to say, “Go on.  I’m listening.”

“It’s like this. Maggie and I are just about friends with benefits. We hang out mostly when you’re at work, so our dating doesn’t get in the way of your marriage.”

The words he was speaking were so insanely moronic that I couldn’t take it anymore.  I blurted, “Maggie isn’t dating you.  She’s cheating.”

He lowered his voice and said, “Relax. She isn’t cheating. We never tried to hide it. We are very open about our relationship, and that’s not cheating.”

“Are you fucking Maggie?”

“Yeah, and?”

I felt anger, hatred, and rage towards this black man and his revelation that my pretty little wife was fucking him.  I wanted to hit him.  I wanted to beat the shit out of him. Pure adrenalin coursed through my body again.  I felt my heart-rate increase.  My hands were sweaty. But the thing that most shocked me was noticing my erection bulging in my slacks.  Like a complete loser I said, “Maggie, how could you?  Why?”  I think I had tears welling up in my eyes.

Maggie quietly said, “Sorry.”  That was it.  I was floored that after this atom bomb of an admission that all she could mutter was a mono-syllabic “sorry”.  My emotions flip-flopped from anger to sorrow to depression to disbelief in seconds.

“Look, I realize this must be a lot for you to take in.  I just want you to know that I respect you as a man and as the husband of Maggie.  What Maggie and I share is nothing more than friendship.”

“You’re fucking her, man.  That means more than friendship.  You’re going to make us divorce.”

“No, bro.  I don’t want your woman to marry.  That’s not my game.  Just think of me as her best friend and not husband material.”

“Fuck that!  When you fuck someone’s wife, that means she doesn’t want to be married.  Seriously!  This is bullshit.”

Maggie interrupted, “Jesus, Jon.  Why does it have to mean more that friends?  Me and Rayshard like each others company.  That’s all it fucking is.  Stop reading more into it than it is.  I am married to you, because I want to be married to you.  If I wanted to be with Rayshard, I would divorce you.  But, I don’t.  Get it?”

She was borderline spiteful while maintaining a serious demeanor.  “How long?”

Maggie, “Huh?”

“How long have you been intimate with Rayshard?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe a year?”

“Fuck!  How could you?  For that long?  Oh god.  Why now?  Why tell me now?”

Maggie bowed her head again, “Because I’m pregnant.”

I literally lost the ability to support myself.  My torso lurched forward, and my head smacked the table as I collapsed to the ground.  They said I was out cold for less than five minutes, but it felt like eons.  I could here them talking while I was unconscious, but I couldn’t make out the words.  I came to on my bed with Maggie wiping my face with a wet washcloth.

“Ray-Ray, get him some water.”  Rayshard came back with a cup of tap water and pressed it to my lips.  I drank slowly.  “Jesus, Jon, you scared the shit of me and Rayshard.”  Maggie was seated in the middle of the bed to my right.  Rayshard was seated on the edge to my left.  It was so fucking weird to be in between them.

“Jon, we can talk about the pregnancy later.  I just want to be open and honest with you.  Ray and I aren’t keeping secrets from you.”

“How could this happen?”

Maggie, “What do you mean?  We had sex.  I got pregnant.”

“Did the condom break or something?”

Rayshard chuckling, “Oh no.  We don’t use condoms.”

“What the fuck, Maggie?  You and I use condoms, because we chose to wait.  Remember?”

“I know.  I know.  It really wasn’t my plan to get pregnant.”

“But, that’s what happens when you don’t use condoms.  Jesus.”

Rayshard interjected, “Hey.  What can I say.  I don’t like the feel of condoms.  They’re too tight on me.”

“Too tight?  Get a bigger condom then.  Fuck.”

Maggie said, “Putting a condom on Ray is like putting a thimble on your thumb if you know what I mean.”

I retorted, “No, Maggie.  I don’t know what you mean.”  I knew what she meant.

“He’s huge down there, Jon.  Now seriously, let’s focus on the real issues.”

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Emboldened by a fresh surge of adrenalin I commented, “Fuck the real issues.  You are a black cock whore.  My wife is a black dick lover.  My wife is….”  Mid-sentence, I felt the crush of a man’s hand slapping me across the my cheek, nose, and eye.  I hadn’t been physically struck since I was in 5th grade.  It was shocking and embarrassing.

“Jon, you need to be respectful of Maggie.  You need to stop talking about ‘black’ this and ‘black’ that, too.  I am sorry I had to slap you.  I really am, but I can’t stand by with your talking like that to Maggie.  Not cool.  No, sir.”

“I’m sorry, Maggie.”

“Fuck you, Jon.  You are a fucking jerk.  I thought we could all talk this through and be adults about it.  But… You’re a jerk.  Jerk.”  Rayshard got up and sat on the other side of the bed.  He embraced Maggie and kissed her on the cheek.  She melted into his black arms and started passionately kissing him on the lips.  After making out for a few seconds, Rayshard said, “Hey man.  You should probably leave the room and close the door behind you.”

I couldn’t reply.  I couldn’t move again.  Maggie was looking right at me as she was tongue kissing Rayshard.  That was the most eye contact we’d had since the conversation at the kitchen table.  “No, Ray.  Let him stay.  You want to know why we don’t use condoms?  Watch then.”

Maggie took off Rayshard’s shirt and started kissing him on his curly haired chest.  She kissed down to his abdomen and flirted with the waistline of his shorts.  While she was kissing his stomach, Rayshard leaned over my wife and unzipped her summer dress.  In a flash, she stepped out of the dress revealing bright yellow thong panties and a hot pink bra.  I was struck by how much the colors clashed.  But, it didn’t matter for long, because with the flick of a couple of his big black fingers, her bra strap was off and her tits were dangling before him.

I watched Rayshard’s hands cup Maggie’s breasts and squeeze them in a massaging motion.  Maggie’s face was still plastered on his abdomen.  She was kissing and nibbling him.  I couldn’t help but stare at her yellow panties clinging to her curvy body.  There wasn’t much fabric covering her bottom, but it still concealed enough to make it very erotic.  Almost at the same time, I noticed Rayshard’s black finger trace the wet crotch of Maggie’s panties as the tip of his penis protruded past his basketball shorts.

Judging by the size of the head of his cock, Rayshard clearly had a huge penis.  The head was swollen and much more red than I imagined a black dick should be.  In fact, without looking at the shaft, the tip could have been mistaken for a white guy’s.  Maggie immediately started kissing the tip of his his penis.  She was cooing as she reached around to the sides of his shorts and started working them down.  About half way down his thighs, his penis sprung out.

It was hideously big with grotesque veins bulging down the entire length of his shaft.  The skin was significantly darker than the head.  As Maggie kissed the underside of his balls, Rayshard’s penis twitched up and down.  Both of them forgot that I was still in the room.

I marveled at the time Maggie was spending on the bottom of his balls.  It looked like she might be venturing past his taint and possibly licking his ass.  I couldn’t get a clear view while I was on my back.  It had to have been gross.  I could smell him – his blackness, his maleness, his odor.  I could’t wrap my head around my wife having her face planted in a black guy’s crotch.

Mary gasped and shattered my study of her oral skills on Rayshard.  My eyes darted down to her crotch where I saw Rayshard’s middle finger penetrating Maggie’s vagina.  His thick, meaty finger was probably the size of my penis.  Her hips rhythmically swayed up and down with his finger nestled inside her.

After basically washing his balls and taint with her tongue, Maggie started rubbing his penis all over her face.  Her hand was cradling his balls, and it looked like fingers might be touching his anal area.  He withdrew his finger from her pussy and leaned back on his knees.  Mary continued to nuzzle his black penis all around her cheeks.  His penis must have touched every point on her pretty face.  She bent down and started licking the underside of his shaft towards the base and middle.

Her tiny hands couldn’t fully grip his penis.  It was that thick.  She started licking and teasing the frenulum area of his black dick.  Within seconds, pre-cum started oozing out of his cock.  Maggie must have known Rayshard would start to pre-cum, because she instinctively moved her mouth over the head of his penis.

I could see her tongue moving around the tip of his penis by the impressions of her tongue on her cheeks as she darted back and forth.  Rayshard just moaned.  She moved the hand that was cupping his ball and scratching his ass to the shaft alongside her other hand.  She then started to really focus on giving Rayshard an amazing blowjob.

With both hands pistoning his cock, Maggie managed to shove about a third of his penis down her throat.  She probably could have taken more than two or three inches, but the sheer girth of Rayshard’s dick limited her intake.  I couldn’t take in enough with my eyes.  My senses were overrun.

It seemed like her sucking Rayshard’s dick brought in a new, set of smells.  I could smell his ejaculate mixed with her scent.  I could hear raspy breathing, his moans, and lots of slurping noises.  While I was focusing on her slight gagging sounds when he would involuntarily twitch, I started hearing a faint slapping sound.  It was his balls.

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I didn’t really pay much attention to them while Maggie was licking them.  They were big but seemed in proportion to Rayshard’s penis and body size.  When she started sucking him, though, the balls really started to hang low.  It was like two large eggs in a fuzzy black sack.  And that sack was slapping my wife’s chin with each bob of her head.

Rayshard started grimacing and panting. “Cum in my mouth Ray-Ray. I want you to cum in my mouth.”  Rayshard groaned, and Maggie stopped bobbing and locked her red lips around his black penis.  Rayshard’s balls drew up.  His penis started pulsating and twitching as Maggie slowly and gingerly stroked his cock with one hand and rubbed his ass with the other.

“Aw shit, Maggie.  Oh Maggie.”  Rayshard came inside my wife’s mouth.  I just watched my beautiful wife give a hung black guy a blow job and let him shoot rope after rope inside her mouth.  She waited a minute for the throbbing to subside with his big black cock still inside her little mouth.

When he was finished cumming inside her mouth, she pulled his cock out.  She tossed her hair to the side and took a second to build up to the first swallow.  She smiled at Rayshard and then finished swallowing his black semen with a second swallow.  She then put her mouth right back on his cock and lightly swirled her tongue around it while she massaged his balls and ass.  After a minute or so of orally snuggling his penis, she kissed the head of penis, licked her lips, and made her way to the sink to brush her teeth.

“You like what Maggie did to my dick, huh?”

I didn’t know how to respond.  “Huh?”

“I said you liked watching Maggie suck my dick.”  He glanced at my crotch.  I looked down between my legs, and dick was hard.  There was a wet stain on the left side of my blue pants.  I don’t know if I actually came, but there was a whole lot of wetness there.

“Hey Maggie.  Check out his pants.  He came in his pants.”

“He did what?”  She tried to stifle her laughter.

“He liked what you did to me.  He came in his pants.”

I sheepishly said, “No, I didn’t come.  I don’t know what that is.”

Maggie asked, “Rayshard, should I finish him off?”

“Hell no.  Not in front of me.”

“Rayshard.  We talked about this.  He is still my husband.”

I interjected, “No. I don’t want it. Not like this.”   Inside I was terrified of dropping my pants with Rayshard in the room.  The comparison next to him would be cruel.

“You can do whatever you want when I am gone, babe.”

Maggie started her baby talk as she slinked toward Rayshard.  “Ray-ray, baby. I ain’t done with you yet.”  She hugged him as they were standing next to the bed and they started kissing.  He had his arms over her shoulders and was molesting both cheeks of her curvy ass with his big black hands.  She had one arm wrapped around his back.  Her other hand was gripping his growing cock.  Again, the pre-ejaculate started dripping.

Maggie dropped to her knees and touched her tongue to his pre-cum.  She leaned back allowing a sticky chain of pre-cum to form from his penis to her lips.  She looked so dirty and filthy kneeling before a black man with a string of pre-cum connecting his dick to her mouth.

From behind her back, she brought out a condom.  Rayshard started laughing.  She displayed the wrapper to me, and then opened the package.  Once she got the condom out, she started sucking Rayshard until he was fully engorged.  Then for my benefit, she attempted to put the condom on his black cock.  The condom barely went over the head and maybe covered and inch or two of his shaft.  It would have been comical if it weren’t my wife on her knees trying to put on a regular condom on a monster black dick.

“Ray-ray, look.  He’s excited again.”  My cock was rock hard.  “Watch this.”  She pulled off the condom from Rayshard’s dick, and climbed on the bed with me.  Devilishly she said, “Your turn, hon.”  The smell of her sex and perfume combined with the look of her body was intoxicating.  Even after watching her blow a black guy, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted her more.  She unfastened my pants, and pulled down my boxers.

Up spring my little white cock.  I never thought my penis was small.  I figured I was average.  But, after watching my wife’s hands working Rayshard’s cock, I felt very small.  Maggie said, “Rayshard.  Come here.  Put yours next to his.”

“Hell fuck no, Maggie.  I don’t go that way.”

“Ray-ray. Do it for me.  I want to see Big Ray-Ray next to it, so I can know what you’re going to do to my pussy.  Baby, please.”  With her voice and the way she was looking, I wasn’t surprised to see Rayshard standing naked next to me.  He completely dwarfed me, and his erection was even going down.

I would probably have lost my hard-on as well if it weren’t for Maggie placing the condom over my penis.  I didn’t even voice my disgust at her using the same one that she attempted to put on Rayshard.

Maggie lightly scratched my abdomen with her nails as she started giving me a condom hand job.  Everything came rushing back to me all at once.  Her sucking Rayshard’s dick.  Her licking his ass and balls.  Her swallowing his ejaculate.  In less than 15 seconds, I orgasmed in the condom.  Maggie openly giggled as she made her way to the sink to wash her hands.  I felt completely humiliated and shamed.

Maggie’s devilish streak didn’t stop there.   She got on her back next to me and spread her legs wide for Rayshard.  She then parted her labia with her fingers, and said, “This is your pussy Rayshard.  Come get your pussy, baby.”  Rayshard grinned at her and climbed over her positioning his semi-erect penis in front of her face.  Without looking at me he said, “Turn around, bro. I don’t want to see you when I am sexing her up.  Nothing personal.  Just face the other way.”  I shifted 180 degrees around where I got a front row seat between Rayshard’s legs as Maggie took his penis in her mouth.

She sucked his balls and licked his dick before sticking Rayshard’s cock in her mouth.  In a matter of seconds, Rayshard grew to 8 or 9 very thick inches.  He pushed Maggie’s hands off of his dick, and let Maggie swirl her tongue around his dick for a few moments.  Then he shifted back between her legs positioning himself over her missionary style.

I saw her small hands reach between their legs and grasp his now dripping penis.  She rubbed the head of the cock between the ridges of her vagina for a few moments.  Every time she lifted his cock to start a new stroke between her vaginal lips, the sticky liquid sex between them formed little sex strands.  Her pussy was wet and oozing sex juices.  His big black bulging penis was seeping pre-cum.  It was repulsive and erotic at the same time.

After what seemed like minutes of grooving his dick between her labia, Maggie started bucking her hips toward Rayshard.  It was almost sick watching her like a bitch in heat inch her pussy toward his thick chocolate erection.  I thought Rayshard would be gentle with her.  Outside of involuntary twitching, he never forced my wife to gag during the blowjob.

curvy interracial wife for cuckold 4

However, Rayshard’s approach was different when he had intercourse with my wife.  When he was ready to penetrate her, he used his fingers to spread my wife’s pussy open.  He then wedged the head of his dick at the entrance of her vaginal opening.  Maggie groaned.  Then he put hand around my wife’s throat.  She grabbed his hand with both of her hands as she started directly into Rayshard’s eyes.  He positioned his other hand at the back of one of Maggie’s shoulders.  He the violently rammed his dick inside Maggie’s tight vagina.

Maggie yelped as she used one her hands to push down on her abdomen.  Rayshard shifted both of his arms under her the backs of her thighs to support her legs in the air.  He then proceeded to destroy Maggie’s pussy with long, hard, deep thrusts into her vagina.  Maggie grunted, and there were tears streaming down her face.  She said, “It hurts.  It’s too big.”  I started to get concerned, but then she shifted gears.  “Fuck me Ray-Ray.  Own this pussy.  This pussy belongs to you you Ray.  You own this pussy.”

That worked for Rayshard.  He continued to saw into her pink pussy with his raging, plump black cock.  After three minutes in, Maggie started scratching his back and curling her toes.  She had her first orgasm of the session.  Rayshard slowed his thrusting down as Maggie was coming down from her orgasm.  Without much warning, he pulled out of Maggie’s vagina and flipped her over doggie style directly over my head.

I saw Rayshard’s huge black cock glistening with their sex juices.  About three quarters of the way down, there was thick sex cream glommed on to his penis.  I don’t know if it formed from the friction of their sex liquids or maybe it was my wife’s cum.  It was thick and looked sticky.  I saw Maggie’s hand reach for Rayshard’s dick to guide it back into her vagina.  She grabbed near the sex cream, and upon feeling in on her hand, she snapped her hand quickly to get it off.  I immediately felt nauseous when it landed on my lips and in my partially open mouth.

My arms were somewhat pinned by the blankets around us.  And even if I could move them, I probably would have inadvertently touched Rayshard, and I can’t imagine that he would have handled that well.  So, I tried pushing it out of my mouth.  I couldn’t spit it out.  Rayshard’s thighs were too close.  I was almost to the point of dry-heaving when I took a small breath and swallowed it.  I did it so fast in a vain attempt not to taste it.  It didn’t work.  It was salty and a little bit acidic. It smelled like stale bleach.  I knew it had to be sperm, semen, and maybe a little urine.  It was supremely gross.

My little sperm swallowing drama didn’t seem to matter to Rayshard or Maggie.  His leg skin was slapping her ass.  His dick was stretching her tight, little vagina.  I found myself wondering if maybe his penis was smacking up against the black baby inside Maggie.  Just then Rayshard let out a guttural groan as he stabbed deeply inside my wife.

He pushed her head down into the mattress making her ass stick up even higher towards him.  She screamed into the pillows as he shot load after load of black sperm into her vagina.  I watched his balls pull up to both side of his penis.  I watched the large vein on the underside of his big dick pulsate with each spurt inside Maggie.  He must have shot 7 or 8 big spurts into her with about a dozen little ones as he recovered from his orgasm.

Maggie moaned lightly as Rayshard rested with his penis still wedged inside her abused pussy.  Rayshard rubbed his face and eyes and stretched his arms and shoulders.  He was like a black king riding his white queen’s heart-shaped ass.  After what seemed like forever, his erection subsided enough to where his penis slipped out.  He excused himself to the bathroom as his black creampie started to ooze out of Maggie’s red vagina and all over my face.

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I don’t know if Maggie did it on purpose or not, but as soon as the sperm started to drip onto my face, she lurched back and rested her body over mine.  Her freshly black-cock fucked pussy was plastered on my face.  The sheer amount of Rayshard’s semen was overwhelming.  The smell of his semen was exactly what I smelled earlier.  The taste was identical to the white goo that I swallowed.  Everytime I dry-heaved, the motion brought my face into direct contact with Maggie’s cum-soaked vagina and ass.  Rayshard’s black sperm literally frosted my face and hair.

Maggie lifted her hips up and rolled over next to me with her legs parted open. Her pussy was wet and reddish with her labia slightly open after getting stretched by Rayshard.  I was concentrating on not letting any cum get near my eyes and not really paying attention to anything else.

“Maggie.  You coming with me?”

“Just a sec, Ray. I want to to talk a little.  I’ll be right there.”

Rayshard got dressed and made his way out of our home. In the background I could hear bass from his car stereo. Maggie said to me, “Babe, you okay with everything?”

“Seriously, Maggie? You are pregnant with a black guy’s baby, and you dare ask me if I am okay with it?  Jesus.”

“Look. It doesn’t mean anything to me. Ray is someone I like to hang out with. That’s all.”

“You forgot to say someone you like to fuck!”

“Don’t get nasty, hon. I won’t take any shit from you. All I am doing is trying to talk here…explain myself.”

“I don’t know how you think I would be okay with you fucking a black guy.”

“Why does it always have to degenerate down to a black guy?  What’s the big fucking deal?  He’s fun.  We hang out.  That’s it.”

“Do you love him?”


“Do you love him?”

“No. I don’t.  No.”

“You paused.”

“Well, I don’t hate Rayshard. I know I don’t love him. He’s fun.”

“Do you like sex with him better?  Is he….”

“It’s different with him…obviously.  I can’t explain it.  It’s not because he’s black or he has a big dick if that’s what you are asking.  He could have been white with a small dick.  It wouldn’t have mattered.  He’s fun.”

“Any you’re going to have a baby with him.”

“Yeah. I am.”

“And what do you expect me to do about it?  How am I supposed to take it?  You want me to suck it up?  Stay with my wife and her black baby?”

“Stop it with the black.  I mean it.  I will leave.”

“Sorry.  It’s just so much to take in.”

“I understand completely. I really do. I don’t expect you to do anything.  You do whatever your heart tells you to do.  If you want a divorce, that’s fine.  If you want to be with me, that’s all I ever wanted.”

“Be with you and another man’s baby?”

“Yeah. It doesn’t matter whose sperm it was.  You are my husband.  You are the one I love.”

“But it does matter the baby has a different father. I know you don’t want me to talk about black, but I don’t know how I am going to handle what other people are going to say.”

“I thought about that.  There isn’t an easy answer.  You can be his father if you want.  You can be a stepfather.  You can be his uncle…whatever.  You don’t have to be his dad.  I mean it.  You do what you think is right.  I am going to go now.”

“No. Wait. I am not done talking.  I want to talk some more.”

“I am going to take off.  Let’s both cool down.  Let’s think this through.  I’ve been through a lot emotionally.  I need to decompress.”

“Where are you going?  To Rayshawn’s house?”

“Ray doesn’t have a house.  He lives in an apartment with some of his friends. Yeah, I am going with him to his apartment.”

“Are you going to fuck him?”

“I told you I would leave if you got nasty.”

“No. Seriously. I want to know. Are you going to sleep with him there?”

“You really want to know, huh?  Yeah, I probably will fuck him and suck his black dick.  Is that what you want to hear?  Is that what you need? I’m going to swallow for him.  I am going to let him cum inside me.  I can’t get pregnant again, so what the hell? Maybe I’ll let him try to fuck me in the ass.  You happy now, asshole?”

I sat there stunned as she put a short skirt and a tight t-shirt on.  She sighed, “Where are my fucking panties? Fuck it.”  She reached into her drawer and pulled out lacy red thong panties.  I wondered if she wore them often, because I don’t remember her wearing them for me.



“Can we have sex before you go?”

“What?  Are you serious?”

I felt humiliated.  I actually said please.

“God.  Okay.  Get a fucking condom.”

“I want to do it without a condom.”

“No. We have to use a condom.”

“No condom.  Please.”

Maggie shook her head no.

“Why do we have to use a condom?  You’re my wife.”

“Listen. I am not going to explain. Put a condom on, and I’ll give you a handjob.  I don’t feel like having sex anyway.”

“No. No.  It’s okay.  I’ll use a condom.  Let’s have sex.”

“No, I don’t want to now.  Besides, I am still a little tender down there.”

“Because of Rayshard?”

“Yeah. You want a handjob or not?  I have to leave.”  I felt so shamed and desperate.  I put the condom on myself.  Maggie sat indian style between my legs and started working my penis up and down with her hand.  With her other hand she cupped my balls and massaged them.  It felt so good.  Right when I felt myself get close, Maggie rammed a finger up my ass.  She’d never done that before, and I didn’t know if she did it to hurt me or make me feel good.

With a couple more stokes, I had the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life.  She stopped pumping and started squeezing the shaft alternating with light and heavy pressure.  Her finger was still inside me.  I felt wave after wave of cum jet out of my penis and into the tip of the condom.  She let me catch my breathe, and then eased her finger out of my rectum.

She made her way to the sink to wash her hands.  “Wow.  That was a lot of juice, baby.  That’s how I do it for Ray.”

I slipped the condom off and rolled the condom so it wouldn’t leak.  “You learned that from Ray?”

“Yeah. He showed me how to do that. I knew you would like it, but I couldn’t really do it to you without you wondering.”

“Well, that’s one thing good about this all I guess.”

She smiled.  A real smile.  She kissed me on the lips.  “Bye hon.  I’ll be back later tonight.”

“Okay.”  Off she went as I heard the bass sounds subside.

I sat in a trance-like state for a few minutes on the edge of the bed. I had one hand covering my penis and balls. I don’t know why. I just felt the need to hide my genitals I guess. The other hand was still gripping my full, used condom. I couldn’t help shaking the feeling that I was forever more changed. I felt alive for the first time in years. I also felt completely shamed and afraid.




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