The Happy Cuckold Story

My wife called me at work and said she had a incredibly sexy surprise for me and to come home for lunch.  I don’t usually head home for lunch because by the time I get there, I only have about 20 or 30 minutes before I have to head back to work.  This time, though, I figured that a blowjob was worth it. I called my wife on the way.  She sounded so horny.

When I got home I kicked off my shoes, took off my shirt, and stripped down to my boxers.  I raced down the hallway and burst into the bedroom and then got the surprise of my life.  My wife was naked on her back with her legs spread wide with another man’s face plastered between her thighs.  He was going down on her, and all she could do to maintain her composure was to grip a handful of bedsheets.

After a couple of minutes, they finally noticed me standing at the entrance slack-jawed and in shock.  My wife said, “Oh honey, you got here fast.  I want you to meet James.”  James lifted his head up from between her legs and sheepishly said, “Hey dude.”  He went right back to eating my wife out.  My wife started whimpering again.  Within about five more minutes, she started bucking her hips into his face while groaning.  Her body was tense and stiff for about a minute straight, until she released her death grip on the sheets and stopped arching her back.  I can’t ever remember my wife having an orgasm like that from my tongue.

James grinned at her and then looked at me, “You can join in if you want.”  I was thinking, that’s nice, another man is inviting me to have sex with MY wife.  I walked a little closer to the bed and just stood there.  James got up on his knees and positioned himself between my wife’s legs.  He started rubbing his penis all around my wife’s thighs, labia, and pubic area.  He was like a dog marking his territory.

My wife leaned up to kiss him, and they started making out passionately.  I could see her tiny hands gripped around his cock while slowly stroking it.  I couldn’t get a good look at his dick, but it seemed a little on the large side.  After a few minutes of making out, James commented that my wife was making his cock leak.  Sure enough, clear precum was oozing out of his dick and sticking to my wife’s belly.

He sat back up on his knees and went back to tracing his cock between my wife’s legs.  I finally got a good look at this guy’s penis.  It was engorged, chubby thick, and definitely way above average in length.  I couldn’t fully appreciate just how big it was until he laid it down on my wife’s abdomen.  It stretched out from the top of her pussy all the way to her belly button.  When he adjusted himself, his balls poked out from between her legs and they were absolutely enormous.  They were like two oversized Grade A Jumbo eggs.

I instantly thought this guy is a stud built to impregnate women.  Once he got around to penetrating my wife, his dick would have to be pushed up about as deep into her womb as a dick could get.  The fatness and thickness of his cock would ensure that not a drop of cum leaked out of her.  And his monstrous testicles would no doubt produce loads of fertilizing cum.  I just prayed my wife had the good sense to have him use a condom.  She didn’t.

When he started rubbing the head of his penis down the center of her labia, it was like his dick was a white hot branding iron.  My wife was bucking her hips trying to get him to stuff his cock inside her.  When he pressed his dick at the entrance to her opening, her vagina looked way too small for him.  He gently pushed the head into her pussy.  She raised up and positioned her right hand on his abdomen to slow him down.  Even though he was packing a monstrous penis, he knew how to be gentle with a woman.

He was dominant, yet he allowed my wife to control the way his cock penetrated her vagina.  She was a ball of tension for about thirty seconds, but that tension quickly subsided when she realized this man knew how to enter a woman.  My wife was about to get laid by a master cocksman.

With his dick about a quarter of the way in my wife, James stopped pushing it in, and just focused on rubbing her thighs and legs down.  He massaged, rubbed, and kissed her legs everywhere.  As I was watching him work her calves and feet with his hands, my wife literally melted into the bedsheets.  The next time I glanced down between their legs, his cock was buried almost all the way in her.

He knelt in front of her motionless and allowed her to grind herself the rest of the way on his penis.  When she finally pushed his dick completely into her body, his face beamed from the pleasures my wife was giving to him.  They stayed connected like without moving for at least a couple of minutes.  He was letting my wife’s vagina fully adjust to accommodate his bulging cock.  All I could think of was his penis inside her pushing all the way to her cervix.  His dick must have been deep inside her vaginal walls and resting under her bellybutton.

I watched a few drops of his sweat fall on to my wife’s body.  I noticed her body glistening too.  They were already flaming hot with lust.  My wife gripped his strong arms and whispered to him that she was ready.  He slowly withdrew his shaft from her – almost slower than when he penetrated her.  Her labia gripped his penis as he pulled out of her.  He didn’t completely pull out.  He never let the thick mushroom head of his cock come out of her pussy.  He paused again to let her adjust.

Her legs were bent at the knees yet stayed somewhat stiff.  It was like she was doing her best to stay as still as she could while he worked his magic between her legs.  He pushed it back inside her a little faster this time, and even though her pink pussy lips were glued to his cock, you could tell it was starting to get easier for her to take him in.  He waited a couple of seconds to start sliding back out of her pussy.  This time he pulled out of her all the way and hovered his cock inches from her puffy labia.  A little string of precum kept them connected as they stared into each others eyes.

My wife was still open-legged and motionless as he pressed the head of his dick at her opening again.  This time he was a little more abrupt, and her hand shot straight up to his abdomen temporarily stopping his motion.  As he slowly pulled back up, there was thick white sticky goo about an inch from the base of his cock.  Neither one of them had orgasmed yet, so I was puzzled at seeing their sex juices already thick and gummy.

She said she was okay, and he started getting into a rhythm with his strokes plunging deeper into her.  I found myself stuffing my hand into my boxers to touch myself.  My dick was already rock hard and dripping with precum.  I mean the whole front of my boxers felt like it was cold and wet to the touch.  My dick was so hyper-sensitive that it hurt.  Even the fabric of my boxers seemed like sandpaper to me.  I let my dick slip out of the fly and into the bedroom air.

Meanwhile, James’ back was being squeezed by my wife’s serpentine legs as he settled into the missionary position with her.  Her bright red toenails and smooth white skin were in stark contrast to his strong muscular back.  I touched my penis again and this time wrapped my hand around it.  Before I could even really start masturbating, James shot me a quick glance and yelled at me to stop being a faggot and get my clothes back on.

I bowed my head a little and shuffled off back into the living room to get my pants back on.  I contemplated pleasuring myself, but I really didn’t want to miss what was going on in my bedroom and on my bed.  When I got back, my wife’s legs were on his forearms, and he was forcefully pounding on her pussy.  My wife was breathing really heavy with occasional whimpers, grunts, and light squeals.  I’d never heard her make noises like that before.  It was very primal like I imagined a caveman and cavewoman might have done eons ago.  He was quite the man’s man.  My wife was definitely his possession.

I positioned myself behind them at the foot of the bed.  I know they sensed I was watching, but they obviously didn’t seem to mind as long as I kept my dick in my pants.  I couldn’t get over how big is balls were, actually how big the skin around his balls was.  His scrotum reminded me of a bull’s testicles.  As he plunged into my wife his ball sac was yanked back and forth slapping my wife’s ass and thighs.

Without warning, my wife started something that sounded like caterwauling and moaning mixed in at the same time.  Her fingernails dug into his back for a moment, and then she dropped her hands down and grabbed the bedsheets.  Her orgasm triggered an animalistic response from James.  He yanked my wife’s legs up to his chest and then leaned over her.  When she turned her head left or right, she was looking at her own ankles.

He started rough fucking my wife to where she was pressing her fists into the bed at her sides.  Her face was splotchy red and almost grimacing in pain, but in a good way.  If someone walked in on them it might seem like he was raping her except for her occasional dirty talk asking him to fuck her harder.

His grunts and groans started sounded more deep and guttural.  His muscular legs started twitching.  I knew he was getting ready to cum.  Within seconds, he voiced it.  “Oh god, I’m going to cum. ”  He didn’t really give my wife a choice of where he was going to cum.  My wife with her feet bobbing next to her head and her legs pinned to his shoulders had no choice but to accept his sperm, semen, cum, and whatever else was inside his enormous balls.

His balls started to suck up to the sides as he plunged deep into my wife’s vagina.  He stopped thrusting into her as he rested his penis balls-deep inside my wife.  The area between his balls and ass started to pulsate rapidly.  The violent pulsating action moved up to the base of penis.  He was inseminating his seed deep inside my wife’s womb.  All she could do was rub his forearms as he dumped load after load into her.

He held her like that for a couple of minutes as the pulses slowly subsided.  Even after he was done cumming inside my wife, he kept her with her legs splayed over his shoulders.  It was such a crude position for my wife to be in.  He waited there with his eyes closed.  My wife kept almost lovingly rubbing his arms and hands.

After a couple of minutes like that, he lowered himself onto her missionary style and rested with his dick still jammed inside of her.  He positioned his head next to her with his face in my pillow.  She kissed the side of his face and whispered into his ear that was the best she ever had.  Even after about five minutes of them positioned like that his cock was still hard and inside her.  I was starting to wonder when they would break their genital sex lock.

He only started to get up when she told him she needed to go pee.  As his dick pulled out of her, their thick white sex juices started oozing out of her puffy little vagina.  When he rolled over on his back, his dick was still impressive as it was losing its hardness.  My wife kissed his sex-covered penis and then made her way to the bathroom.

I immediately walked out of the bedroom and waited just outside the door.  They didn’t make too much noise for a few minutes until  I heard her jump back on the bed and start kissing him.  I peeked around the door and saw him sitting on the side of the bed.  My wife was kneeling between his legs and kissing his abdomen.  It didn’t take much to figure out she was going to suck his dick.  Her hands were wrapped around his back presumably massaging his lower back and ass.  She worked her way down to his inner thighs at which is dick started to twitch back to life.  In seconds, his cock was fully engorged and reddish brown.

She spent a considerable amount of time licking and nibbling his huge balls.  She hand one hand wrapped around his ball sac, and it looked kind of like she was milking his balls the way she caressed it back and forth.  Gradually, she licked and kissed her way to the head of his penis.  She toyed with the hole of cock with her tongue until it started spitting out precum.  She grinned up at James as she slowly lowered her mouth down onto his shaft.  She got it in half way and held it for a moment.  She quickly pulled his dick out of mouth and commented on how big it was.

She then wrapped one of her skinny hands around the base of his cock while the other hand cradled his large nuts.  She started working his dick with her mouth pausing every few strokes to vacuum suck the tip.  You could see by her cheeks that she was sucking incredibly hard and teasing the underside of his cock with her tongue.  The whole time he stared down at my wife sucking his cock.

After a couple of minutes, he held her head back and motioned for her to stand up.  Once she did, he kissed her full on the lips, and then swirled her around until she was bent over the side of the bed.  Her pussy was noticeably swollen and irritated from the marathon fuck session they had earlier.  She halfheartedly tried to position herself back down to complete the blowjob, but he didn’t relent.  He just started rubbing his thick penis all over my wife’s heart-shaped ass and the back of her creamy white thighs.

I have to admit that my wife looked amazing bent over our bed like that with her pussy peeking out between her legs.  James asked my wife to spread her ass cheeks.  It was more of a command than asking, but it didn’t really matter.  She instinctively reached back and positioned her red fingernails inches from her puckered little butthole.  James rubbed his dick up and down her inflamed labia and at the door of her sore vagina.

My wife reacted to this by getting up on her tip toes.  Just as it looked like he was going to push it inside her again, he shifted his cock an inch higher and pressed it against her butt.  He was going to fuck my wife in her ass, which really got to me because as much as I begged, she never gave me anal sex.

The first attempt, my wife reached her hand back and guided his dick back towards her pussy.  He let her press it a little into her vagina – about an inch below the head of his penis.  Once again, he shifted it back up and tried to enter her ass.  This time she leaned forward, and told him that she wasn’t ready for that yet.  I was thankful she was saying no to anal.  The ‘yet’ in her comment troubled me, however.

James took no for an answer like a gentleman.  He guided his cock back into her pussy and let my wife control the penetration process.  She gently worked her back into him, and he patiently let her accept his thick shaft.  About half way in, it was clear that she wasn’t doing much to get the rest of his penis in.  That was when he took over.

Without much warning, his big hands gripped her hips and some of her ass.  He forced his full length into her with one quick thrust.  She yelped and tried to jump forward, but he held her down.  As he held his dick balls-deep inside her, he asked her if she was okay.  She meekly responded yeah and asked him to keep going.

Rather than take it slow and gentle, he started from the get-go to pummel my wife’s pussy.  His thighs slapped her ass with each thrust.  All I could hear was the ‘smack’ ‘smack’ ‘smack’ of his skin crashing against my wife’s body.  She grabbed handfuls of the bedsheets and danced around on her tip toes as his hands dug into her back flesh.  Just when I thought my wife couldn’t physically handle the pounding she was taking, she yelled at him, “Fuck me deeper.  Deeper.  Smack my ass.  Deeper.”

He responded by swatting her across her ass and lower back.  I could tell she liked it by the way she started violently bucking back into him.  He smacked her ass about five or six more times before he pinned her down and jammed his cock in her to the hilt.  His legs were twitching.  His balls were sucked up to the sides.  Then he started groaning as he exploded inside my wife’s pussy.  His entire genital region was throbbing and pulsating as he drained his balls in my wife’s vagina.

When he was done, he leaned forward and kissed my wife right on her ruby red lips.  Then he got dressed and told her thanks.  As he passed me heading out the bedroom door, he said, “She all yours, dude.”  Like a dumb ass, I said, “No problem. Thanks.”  I actually told the guy that just fucked my wife, thanks.  When I walked in, my wife was still bent over the bed with cum globbing its way out of her pussy and down to the bedroom floor.

I sat down on the side of the bed next to her.  I didn’t know what to say.  She broke the ice.  “You okay honey?”  Again, I didn’t know what to say.  I mean, I wasn’t prepared to see my wife fucking another man.  I mumbled something incoherent.  She said, “I did it for you, baby.”  I managed to get out, “What do you mean you did it for me?”

“Well, I know that it’s a fantasy of your to see me with another guy.”

I said, “Seriously?  I never said anything like that before.”

She said, “I saw a story you were reading on the internet when I turned on the computer today.”

“I was reading stories about threesomes a couple of nights ago, but I don’t remember seeing anything about my wife with another guy.”

She said, “What do you think a threesome entails?  You and me, and another guy or girl.”

I said, “I think we should have discussed this before…”

“You wouldn’t have done it then.  I wanted to be spontaneous for a change.  And, you know what?  You were turned on.  You liked it.”  She glanced down at my pants.  I was so turned on, that there was an obvious wet spot on the outside of my pants.  It was so much that I wondered if I might have orgasmed without knowing it.  I didn’t really have a way to explain it.  I guess she had a point.

I sheepishly asked her, “Can we… You know, can we have sex now?”

“Honey, that was my plan, but that’s not going to happen.  I am so raw down there right now.  It felt good while we were doing it, but I knew I was going to be sore.  I felt like I was in college again partying so much to where I would wind up walking funny the next day.”

I laughed a very uncomfortable, courtesy laugh.

She said, “I could blow you.”

I immediately said, “Yeah.  Where do you want me?”

She said to give her a second.  She went to the bathroom to clean up.  She came back in some fresh granny panties and a bra – a far cry from the black velour bra and thong panty set she wore for James.  She got down on her knees between my legs.  She started rubbing my legs and thighs much like she did for James earlier.  Then she put her hands around my shaft and started slowly stroking as she kissed my inner thighs.  Within seconds and without warning I exploded all over her back and hair.  She never even got to put her mouth on me.

She giggled a little and commented that I obviously liked seeing her with other men.  I didn’t really say anything to support or argue her statement.  There wasn’t much I could say.  She grabbed a bottle of some kind of salve and asked me to rub it into her pussy.  She draped her legs over the end of the bed, and I got on the floor between her thighs.  I helped her off with her flowery panties and finally got a close look at how hard he fucked her.  Her pussy lips were visibly swollen and red.  There was a slight tear towards the bottom that wasn’t quite bleeding even though there were traces of blood in the crotch of her fresh panties.

It took a few minutes for the scent of the salve to overtake the smell of his sex all over her body.  As I applied more of the cream to her, I wondered how long it would be before she was ready for sex again.  I wondered if James were going to be coming back for seconds.  I wondered if maybe this wasn’t his first time.  I worked up the nerve to ask her to try and blow me again, but when I looked up at her, she was passed out from exhaustion.

Next to the side of the bed was her black thong panties that she had worn for James.  Impulsively, I reached for them.  Even though I was at eye level with my wife’s beautiful pussy, I only started getting hard when I imagined James taking off the black panties that was in my hands.  I imagined him breathing in my wife’s scent for the first time.  I pressed her used panties to my face and stared at her equally used pussy.  I reached into my boxers to pleasure myself.  I intentionally tried to make it last by making it slow with extra light pressure.  It was hopeless.  My senses were in overdrive.  I came in seconds as I thought about James lasting over thirty glorious minutes with my lovely wife.

Surprisingly my sex life has gotten infinitely better than it was.  I used to have sex with my wife maybe two or three times a month.  Ever since James has come into the picture, I have sex with sex her almost every time after he’s had her – usually two or three times a week – and I don’t mind sloppy seconds at all.  The only times I don’t have sex with her is when he spends the night on weekends.  I get the couch, which I don’t mind too much anymore.  So, yeah, you could definitely call me a happy cuckold.

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  1. Instant Cuckold on March 23rd, 2011 at 1:49 am

    Thanks for the story. I love the breeding component to this. Breeding is the ultimate domination of a wife and cuckold by another man. The king of kinks.

  2. your stories are BY FAR the absolute best on the internet, i just wish you would update them more often.

  3. I would love to be a cuckold husband.I want to be just friends with my wife and want her to be lovers with other men.One indian lady told me “there are men more handsomer than you”, and she is right and i do fantasize about my wife having sex with other men.I want to be rich and provide for her financially,while other men provide for her sexually,especially strong muscular black guys with very big long penises.I cherish being a cuckold husband and don`t miss having sex with my wife and enjoy it other men are providing her sexual pleasure.I love to live the cuckold lifestyle where I am sexually off limits to my wife and her pussy and body belong to another man and my wife his possession and I am just friends with my wife and her lover.Another indian lady told me why don`t you let your wife have sex with other men?I would because being a cuckold husband is the ultimate lifestyle and happy marriage and great fantasy.

  4. Your story is stunning. Is it true or fiction?
    My wife and I just moved to Lynnwood Washington. She dated another man with my permission and encouragement several years ago. The wildest thing we ever did. Recently She told me she wants a baby even though I had a vasectomy a few years ago. I jokingly said “than you’ll need a boyfriend.” I believe she is taking this idea seriously.

  5. Your wife is a naughty girl.

  6. little richie on March 27th, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    When I met my wife she was seeing 2 other guys, so from the beginning I was cuckolded. My cock is tiny, barely 3″, and after we were married she continued to cheat on me, usually with young well-hung black men. She was Catholic and turned on by guilt and we had our best sex when she would tearfully confess she’d just been screwed and I would lick and suck her clit to orgasm and taste the cum in her cunt. At one point she left me for one of her fellas and put him thru college and came back to me 4 years later. She would suck off anyone. Eventually she left me for her boss. The only regret I have is that I never got to watch her being screwed, tho I did see blow jobs at parties.

  7. ‘Oh Hi Honey” and that’s all she says when he walks in? Are you kidding? In the 1st place THE most important and hottest part of any cuckold story is the dialog exchange between the cuck and his wife. Instead you go just go right into a description of him and everything he is doing without even mentioning her face, her sounds, her comments, nothing.

    It’s about HER and her husband’s relationship – the other guy is just a sexual prop to excite all of the psychological an physical aspects of cuckolding, Yet 80% of your story is about him!

  8. Your a very lucky guy. I am also small and would love my wife to be well and truly serviced so I can be a fully paid-up member of the cuckold community. Although we have often talked about it and I have offered to find a suitable escort to ‘fill’ her she is reluctant to take the next step. Perhaps you, your wife, or one of the readers could offer some advice. Pete

  9. I have to agree with HammerHeart. I love the thought of my wife being pleasured by the guy and I am sure not interested in how the guy liked it. The other guy is almost like a dildo being used to please my wife. As a guy who loves thinking about my wife being fucked right in front of me, I want to hear the details about her pleasure and could care less about the “dildo”.

  10. ohhh my god, this is hot!!

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