A Slutwife’s Cuckold

I was so not looking forward to going on this business trip. Usually I get away with a trip in the middle of week that essentially shortens my workweek. This time it was a Monday morning meeting in Texas of all places. I left on the trip with a female coworker who was pleasant enough in passing, but really grating on the nerves after sitting with her for 10 minutes. So, I am sitting at the airport talking about nothing with Alexandra – no, I’d rather not be called Alex – when my wife calls to see how I’m doing. I told her about Alexandria and how it’s going to be a long trip. She laughed and said for me to have a nice trip and call her first thing in the morning to start her day off the right way. I hung up smiling. She always knew the right things to say.

Slutwife for a Cuckold with Her Legs Spread Open

Slutwife for a Cuckold with Her Legs Spread Open

We’d been married for almost 3 years. I met her when we were paired for a beginner yoga class on the first day. We stayed partners for the rest of the lessons and got married about a year later. Neither of us had been married before, and she never had even been the slightest serious before. Turns out she was engaged to an asshole who I met one day in the parking of lot of her work. I was picking her up for lunch, and before I went into her office, he walked up to me and handed me a sealed envelope. All he said was, “Take care, buddy.” He walked around the end of the building and one protection order later, we’ve fortunately never heard from him again.

I thought he was serving me with papers or maybe he was giving me religious stuff. So, I opened the envelope up right there next to my car. To my horror, there were forty-two 5×7 sexual pictures of my wife with this man. I should have stopped after looking at the first one. In the first one, she was on her knees giving him a blowjob. On her left ring was a wet engagement ring with a nice sized diamond.
That would be our first real argument. She never technically said she was engaged, but she sure gave that impression. In retrospect, I don’t know why it bugged me so much that she never told me. We both had lives before we met. Not only was she defensive about her past engagement, she was pissed at me for looking at all of the pictures.

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My Personal Self-Made Cuckold Story

It started off innocently enough. I met my wife when I was in the military. She was a party girl. I was serious and reserved. Somehow, we clicked and after a couple of years we got married. Before we got married, quite a few people told me of her reputation. She definitely got around. But, hey, she was single and it was her life. It was me she picked to settle down with, etc, etc.

Horny Housewife and Cuckold

Horny Housewife and Cuckold

Once we got engaged, inevitably, out of curiosity I told myself, I wanted to know how many partners she had. When I asked her, she was kind of demure, and asked me to go first. I told her six which was a little exaggerated. The real number was two before her. I could tell she was sizing me up when she said it was six for her, too. I instantly felt charges of jealousy that kind of paralyzed my body. My breathing increased, and I was obviously flustered. Before I even had time to say something stupid, she went down on me and gave me the most amazing oral sex. That’s how I think my ‘cuckold conditioning’ began.

A couple of months before we got engaged, one of her friends from another state visited. She said he was like a brother to her, and he was treating her to a weekend at Disney. We were kind of boyfriend/girlfriend at the time. I don’t think there was any formal declaration or anything, but we were practically living in each others’ dorms. Since I had no reason to doubt her, I never let myself question her intentions at the time. But, once I got her sexual partner history, I couldn’t get her Disney excursion out of my head. I didn’t know how to ask her, but it turns out it didn’t have to. He called her at work, and one of her coworkers told her in my presence that her ex-boyfriend, Tony the fireman, left her a message. That was the name of her ‘brother’ that she went to Disney with. That and, her face went completely splotchy red when she got the message in front of me. Again, it was like an atomic bomb of pure adrenalin that went off in the pit of my stomach.

I tried playing it off, but my speech was off. My actions were off. When we got back to her place, she went straight to the bathroom. I sat down on the couch. My mind was swirling with how to broach the subject. I was pissed off, jealous, and I couldn’t get the image of her on her back for a weekend with some other guy. She got out of the bathroom and sat down at the foot of the couch. Before I could say a word, she took off my shoes, unzipped my pants, and started kissing me through my boxer briefs. Funny thing was I that I was already hard before she even got out of the bathroom. I was embarrassed that she noticed, too.

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Just a Voluntary Cuckold

My own personal freak show started innocently enough when I came home early from a business trip. The client who we were going to meet accepted our offer via fax, which was the first time we got a client without a personal meeting. Rather than get a hotel room, and since it was still early enough, I caught a flight an hour later back home. I picked up some flowers and decided to surprise my wife with an early anniversary gift – two days early. It’s almost cliché, but I drove home to find two cars in front of the house – my wife’s car and an older model Camero. I don’t know why, but I jotted down the license plate number. I thought about calling my wife’s cell phone, but instinct kicked in, and I just knew something was up.

So, I decided to not use the garage, and I entered the master alarm code, and silently walked in the front door. Thankfully, the dogs were out in the backyard, so there was no noisy greeting at the door. It turns out she locked the dogs out in the backyard for a reason. As I crept through the hallway toward the master bedroom, I heard a man’s voice along with my wife’s. Pure adrenalin shot through me. I felt my heart accelerate and my breathing get short and rapid. Even with the shock to my senses, I was staying in control of myself.

My wife was in her bra and panties on her knees before a man in black briefs and nothing more. She was kissing around his ankles, and he was saying something to her that I couldn’t quite make out. She started kissing up his calves as she massaged his thighs, and she would occasionally brush the front of his underwear. She was kissing his legs slowly and deliberately and working her way up his body. As she inched her way up, a huge tent formed in his briefs.

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife in Bra and Panties

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife in Bra and Panties

I kept waiting for my wife to come to her senses and stop. I figured maybe she could overcome temptation and everything would be okay again, but she didn’t. She kissed all the way up his thighs to his groin area. I heard her comment on his excitement as she started kissing him through the briefs. She mouthed his crotch and put her lips to where his balls were under the briefs. He moaned, and his dick finally pushed its way over the edge of his briefs. He had a huge, fat head on his penis that was oozing precum. My wife kept sucking his balls through his briefs, and with her teeth, she pulled his underwear all the way down to his feet.

At this point I debated stopping this whole mess, but I found myself paralyzed. I couldn’t move or even form any audible words. Then he told my wife to hang on a sec. He walked over a little to the left of the bed, and he took a camera off a tripod. This asshole was filming all of it. He stood back over my wife with his dick still dripping. He aimed the camera right at her face and asked her to keep going. She said, “Damn, Doug, you’re leaking,” and she giggled. He looked down at her and then reached into her bra and flopped her milf tits over the top of the bra. There was my beautiful wife on her knees before another man’s big dick with her bare breasts presented to him.

His dick was huge and severely bent to the side with veins everywhere. The head of it was disproportionately big and redder than the rest of his dick. My wife reached up and wrapped her hand around the shaft and started slowly milking him of his precum. It was like a long yo-yo drip to the floor. Then she took her other hand and pumped him slowly with both hands. I don’t know if I was more surprised that she could wrap both hands around his length or that her left hand still had her wedding ring and engagement ring on her ring finger.

I remembered almost 8 years before getting on my knee and putting that same engagement ring on her finger and asking her to marry me. Now her engagement ring along with her wedding ring was glistening with his precum while she was stroking his engorged cock. It was like I was being stabbed in the gut and the back at the same time.

She then kissed the head of his dick and started to kiss around his hips until she maneuvered herself behind him. I never knew she was so agile on her knees. She started kissing the backs of his legs and then moved up and started kissing his ass cheeks. He said something to her that I couldn’t understand except for the tone that he must have liked it. I was begging her not to lick his asshole, and thankfully she never went that way. She did go under his legs and started licking his balls from behind while she gripped his dick and started stroking him again. It was like she was milking a cow except this was a human bull with big, fat balls. Then she got a little lower, and it looked like her face was plastered in his ass and balls as she put his dick in her mouth and started sucking. He kind of hunched over to give her better access to his cock. It was bent and big enough for her to pull it back that way and suck on the red mushroom shaped tip.

After milking him like this for about a minute, he reached over and stopped her. He told her he was getting close. He turned around to face her, and this time she sucked him with both hands wrapped around his cock. He had one hand fondling her tits, and the other hand holding the camera. After a few seconds, he grunted that he was going to cum. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, and worked his cock a little bit, and then he spewed stream after stream of thick, white cum all over her bra and tits. He coated her chest as she pulled his cock to her breasts and just rubbed it over and around the sticky wetness. This guy pumped a gallon of sperm over my wife’s chest.

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife in Bra and Thong Panties

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife in Bra and Thong Panties

She smiled and said, “Wow. You must have really liked it, Doug.” He replied, “That was amazing, Lila.” Lila is my pet name for my wife who goes by Ileana. That really stung. She beamed, and then got up and went to the bathroom and toweled off her chest. While she was cleaning up, Doug was fiddling with the camera. She came back topless in just her sheer white panties. Doug said, “Come here. Your turn.”

My wife smiled demurely, and stood in front of him. He kissed her full on the lips and worked his way to her tits. He spent a little time feeling and sucking her tits, and then kissed his way down her abdomen to her panties. While massaging her body, he worked her panties to her ankles. She stepped out of them, and then he started kissing and licking her inner thighs. This lead to him going straight to her vagina. He tugged her labia with his lips and licked her straight up the middle of her pussy. My wife’s face said it all. She was in la-la land when he was between her legs, and he spent a lot of time licking down there – certainly more than I ever did.

He gripped my wife’s hips and guided her to the bed and bent her over. He started kissing the backs of her legs and moved his way up to her ass. She kissed her ass checks and lower back, and then he gently parted her ass. She looked back and said, “No. Don’t do that. I don’t like that.” He didn’t listen. He put his face deep in her ass and started rimming my wife. I could see my wife’s nervousness fade after a few seconds of his oral pleasures to her anal regions. He commented how good she tasted, and you could see my wife’s apprehensions just drift away. She actually reached back and pulled her own ass cheeks apart, which allowed him to rub her legs and pussy while he licked her asshole.

After a couple of minutes, he guided my wife back to the bed with her legs hanging over the bed and open wide. He plastered his face right back into her pussy, and spent the next ten minutes or so bringing her to two or three orgasms. I couldn’t exactly tell how many she actually had because she was in a constant state of pleasure with him between her legs. She quivered and shook more violently two or three times, which I assumed were orgasms. This guy must have been amazing. When he was done my wife sat up and started kissing him despite his very wet face. She was telling him how much she liked it.

He got up and went to the bathroom to wash up, and then she reached over and got her panties and used them to clean her pussy. She knew what was coming next. She smiled at the camera, and then here he came with a raging hard-on. He adjusted the camera toward the bed, and my wife moved to the center of our bed. She had her legs pressed together and a blanket over her breasts. She coyly tossed him a condom she retrieved from her purse. What the hell was my wife doing with condoms?? He sat on edge of the bed and tore open the condom wrapper. He started to roll the condom around his cock, and then without a warning, he dropped the unused condom on the floor next to the bed.

He parted my wife’s legs and then gripped her by her ankles as he placed her legs on his biceps. She started wiggling down towards him as she reached between his legs to guide his cock into her. Surely she would notice he didn’t put the condom on. I thought about stopping this insanity, but I relented as I saw her wedding ring in stark contrast against the skin of his curved dick as it slowly disappeared into my wife. She gasped as he gave one last firm push to get the rest of his dick inside her all the way to where all I could see was his balls hanging over my wife’s ass. As he lay there buried to the hilt inside her, I saw my wife’s feet high in the air with her skinny toes curled.

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife Cupping Her Tits

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife Cupping Her Tits

He leaned over and they started kissing as he gently thrust his bare dick in and out of my wife. She obviously had no idea she was getting barebacked by Doug. After a few minutes of slow fucking, Doug took her by the ankles and lifted her legs over his broad shoulders. He grooved his penis inside her for a few strokes, and then he started pounding my wife. The first rough stroke brought out a slight squeal from my wife. He paused and she held him by the arms and told him she was okay. Then he gave her the roughest sex she probably ever had – at least by me. She was whimpering and moaning with an occasional scream as he was sawing his thick cock into her tight vagina. After a few minutes there was a white goo around the base of his dick where my wife’s labia formed a perfect seal around his cock.

He groaned that he was going to cum, and it looked like he was going to try and pull out. My wife had other ideas, and she pulled him by his arms and bucked into his dick even harder. I saw his balls kind of suck in as they continued to slap my wife’s ass. His ass clenched a couple of times, and I knew he was cumming deep into my wife’s womb. When he was through injecting my wife with his sperm, he collapsed onto my wife with his cock still firmly lodged inside my wife’s pussy. He laid there as she kissed his around his face and neck.

When he rolled over, he sat up at the edge of the bed and quickly retrieved the condom. He rubbed it over his dick, and he tore it with his fingers. Then he said, “Oh shit, Lila. I think the condom broke.” My wife sat up in a flash with her legs spread open and looked down between them. You could see the shock in her face as she watched Doug’s thick cum slowly ooze out of her vagina. She said, “Fuck!” Then she raced into the bathroom with Doug right behind her. I heard the shower turn on as they both got in. Doug was telling her how sorry he was, and she was borderline hysterical as she told him it wasn’t his fault. That prick, I thought. It was his fault.

I crept into the room to maybe get a better look into the shower when I almost kicked over Doug’s camera bag. I looked down and it a bunch of tapes and papers in it. Without thinking it through, I grabbed the bag and started to walk out. Then I thought about the tape in the camera. I walked back in and it took me forever to figure out how to open the camera. I got the tape and then for some strange reason, I grabbed her panties and stuffed them in the camera bag. I jumped into my car and took off toward my office. It was late into the night, but I was friends with the night watchmen, and he let me in. Just as I was sitting in my chair, my cell phone rang. It was Lila.

“Hello.” “Hey, you never called when you got in to Atlanta.” I thought dumb bitch, she is only calling to get information. “Yeah. We pretty much hit the ground running, and I didn’t want to wake you if you were sleeping.” She said, “That’s okay. You can call me anytime, honey. You know that. I don’t mind.” I said, “I know. What are you up to?” I was curious what she would say. “Nothing really. I was watching TV waiting for you to call.” I said, “Well, I better get some sleep. We’re three hours ahead of you, and I have a breakfast meeting here in the hotel.” “Goodnight, honey.” “Goodnight, Lila.”

I sat there pissed off and caught myself shaking. I even had a few tears even though I didn’t feel like crying. I then started looking for a video camera in our office. I got into the A/V closet, but I was pretty sure we weren’t going to have the right equipment. I went back to the office empty handed, and then I started looking into the camera bag. There were my wife’s white panties. I brought them to my face and just shook my head. I then saw some memory sticks in the side pouch of the bag. I pulled one out and stuck it into my office laptop. There must have been a couple of hundred pictures of my wife in all those memory sticks. There were pictures of a trip to the zoo with two of what I assume were his kids. There were pictures of her in an evening dress snuggling up to him at a bar. All the rest of the pictures were x-rated.

She posed for him in panties, lingerie, naked, a towel, doggie style, you name it. She did it for him. There were dozens of oral sex pictures. She even took some pictures of her sucking his dick while in a 69 position with him on top! There was a picture of his hard cock laying on her beautiful face with her smiling at the camera. It was disgusting. She was wearing her wedding band for a majority of the pictures. All of the pictures were shocking to me, but the worst ones, at least for me, were the ones of him giving her anal sex. She never let me have anal sex with her, yet she gave it to him and he had a way bigger dick than me. He had a few pictures of the head of his dick pressing on her asshole. It was huge compared to her almost invisible hole. Then there were pictures of his head fully inside her ass. The pictures of his dick all the way in her ass about killed me. It didn’t seem possible, but she took it all the way. The last pictures had his spent cock laying on her ass cheek with his cum dribbling out of her stretched ass. I hated her for this, and I hadn’t even seen the videos yet.

I fell asleep in the office, and woke up to the bright lights of the morning and my cell phone buzzing. It was Saturday, and I was due back in town so we could have an anniversary dinner alone, and then another anniversary dinner the next day with her family. I told her I caught an early flight and would be home in an hour. She told me to call her when I was on the road from the airport, because she would have a surprise for me.

I took a shower in the gym downstairs and then managed to change clothes in my car. Before I left, I put the camera bag in my office safe. I then called Lila and said I would be home in thirty minutes. I got a cup of coffee and killed a little time before heading home. The first thing I noticed was the same Camero in my driveway. That fucker. What was he still doing here? Did I not give them enough time? I used the garage door and walked in through the kitchen. My wife was in a summer dress in the living room knelt down before Doug on the couch. She was sucking his dick even though she knew I was home. She looked over at me and established eye contact with me while still sucking his dick. Doug looked a little uncomfortable, but his stiff dick sure was enjoying my wife’s mouth. Doug acknowledged my presence, and then closed his eyes and my wife used her tongue and lips to take him to another world.

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife Barefoot in Panties

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife Barefoot in Panties

I figured if this was her game of chicken, I wouldn’t give. I dropped my keys on the kitchen counter, and then sat on a bar chair and watched the show. She still had her wedding ring on, for all that meant to her. She licked and sucked his huge balls while stoking his shaft. She licked from the base of his balls all the way up to his fat dick-head. She was making sure to give him the best blowjob either Doug or I ever had. He patted her shoulder to let her know he was going to cum. My wife does not like cum in her mouth. She claims she hates the taste and even more so, she hates the feel of cum. However, she didn’t stop sucking his dick at his warning. She vacuum-sucked him even more, and he started wriggling around on the couch as he started cumming into my wife’s mouth. She looked right into my eyes as he emptied his testicles into her mouth. She gagged a little with his cock still in her mouth. Then she took his dick out of her mouth and leaned her forehead on his penis as she worked up the nerve to swallow his load. She swallowed it all down. Every last drop. After she gathered herself, she kissed his balls and half-hard dick lovingly.

Then she said, “Hey honey. You’re home…again.” I said, “What.” She said, “I know you were home at 9:48pm last night.” I instantly knew she got the information from the alarm system or she called the alarm company. She had the nerve to call me a liar. The whole time Doug was getting his pants on without saying a word. He tapped her on the shoulder and told her he was leaving. She told him he didn’t have to, and then kissed him full on the lips. Thankfully, he left us to sort things out.

I asked, “What’s going on, Lila?”

“You tell me. You obviously know something.”

I said, “Yeah, but what do you expect me to do? I’m not the bad guy.”

“Yes you are. You are.” Tears started rolling down her cheeks. “You made me…you pushed me.”

I cut her off, “That’s bullshit. No one made you suck his dick.” I was getting pissed. “And, who the fuck is Doug?”

She was getting angry, too. “You wouldn’t know Doug, because you never go to church with me.”

“Oh great. You use the church to get yourself some sex. Wonderful. Wonder what the Bible says about that.”

“Fuck you. That’s not fair. Doug needed me. He was getting a divorce, and he’s got kids. He was having a hard time.”

“I get it. No more wife…take someone else’s wife. Nice.”

“It wasn’t that way. We didn’t plan for this to happen.”

“Then what the hell was that show for just now? Are you insane? You want a divorce that bad, because you are going to get one.”

She got really quiet and really stern. “Listen. Doug is a wake-up call for our marriage. I don’t want a divorce, and I don’t want Doug.”

“Just his big dick.”

“Fuck you, Michael. It’s not like that. You’re always working. You don’t want a family. You don’t like my parents.”

“What? You are fucking crazy. You really think I am going to stay married to you.”


“Whatever. I saw you with another man. That image is never leaving my head.”

Suddenly, she knelt down in front of me. “You’re hard, Michael.”

I was floored. I was hard. She loosened my belt and undid my zipper. My pants dropped to the floor. There was a puddle of precum sticking to my boxers. She put her mouth on me, and I just melted. For the second time that day, my wife’s mouth was on different man. She did the same to me as she just got done doing to Doug. I didn’t even tell her I was going to cum. She held me firmly as I came inside her mouth. She looked up at me as she gulped it down. I was betrayed by my dick. I still loved her.

In order for us to stay together, I told her Doug would have to be out of the picture for good. We moved across town, and she changed churches. She said she liked the excitement of the affair. She liked being cherished by other men. She liked the attention, and no matter how much attention I could give her, it wasn’t the same as another man liking her. She loved me and wanted to stay married to me forever, but she liked the thrill of being wanted and desired by another.

I found that I liked watching her with other men. I watched every tape Doug and my wife made over and over again, and I was always turned on and rock hard while watching them. So, we compromised, and she gets to date other men (actually it’s only been one other man), as long as I know everything, it’s done in our house, he knows nothing will come of it, and I get to videotape it all.

The guy she met, Troy, is actually a nice guy. Of all places, they met at church. As soon as I saw them flirting, I figured she liked him. I gave her my approval. While Troy and I have never actually talked about my wife, he knows that I am okay with the arrangement. When he comes over, we talk about sports and random stuff before I leave and give them some privacy.

My wife said Troy started flirting with her casually. As she started getting bolder, she started alluding to her oral skills. Troy would get bashful, and that would be the end of that. After a couple of Sundays, Troy remarked back to her, she would have a hard time because of his size. She patted him on the crotch and made a bet with him. He came home with us for dinner. In the middle of dinner, my whispered to me to start the camera. I did, and then I told them I was going for a quick swim in the pool.

I got rock hard in the pool just thinking about what my wife was going to do to Troy. Minutes after I left, the camera picks them up walking hand in hand into our bedroom. She was giggling and smiling like a school girl. God, my wife is so beautiful kneeling in front of another man. She dropped his jean shorts, and out sprang the fattest dick I have ever seen. He was a little above average in size, but he was as thick as a Coke can. My wife gasped at the thickness, and he said I told you so. Then, she went to work.

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife Doggie Style

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife Doggie Style

She managed to put half of it into her mouth. She had her mouth stretched wide. Her fingers could not wrap around the girth. It only got thicker as she sucked on it, and it looked like engorged with blood and veins around the length. She sucked and stroked as his balls rubbed against her chin. He lasted less than a minute. He came so much that she couldn’t take it all in her mouth. She gagged, and pushed his dick out of her mouth while he was still squirting ropes of cum on her sun dress. She tilted her face to the side to compose herself, and he gripped his shaft and stroked even more sperm jets onto my wife.

When he was done, and she swallowed what she could, she looked up at him, and they both started giggling quietly. They sat side by side on our bed, and she rested her head on his shoulder with her hand rubbing his still dripping cock. There was a little small talk, and it looked like he was in a rush to get his shorts back on, but my wife had a different plan in mind. She slinked down between his legs and started orally pleasuring him again. I thought, wow two blowjobs. Then I saw her panties slip down to her ankles.

After a moment she pushed him up on the bed, hiked her sun dress over her back, and then squatted over his dick. With one hand wrapped around his thick cock, she lowered her pussy onto him. She literally impaled her tight pussy on his monstrous dick. Her labia were stretched open. Her pussy was open wide, and she kept shifting from side to side trying to ease it inside her. It took her longer to insert his penis inside her than the blowjob earlier. When she finally allowed herself to drop down on him and rest her ass on his balls, the seal her labia formed around his big dick was airtight. No sperm was going to escape her womb.

I wondered why she didn’t bother with a rubber. We stocked a bunch in our nightstand. She slowly started working his cock in and out of her. He was reaching up and grabbing at her breasts. She slipped the straps down to her shoulders and unfastened her bra. She presented him with her bare breasts, and he responded by squeezing them and kneading them roughly. After a few minutes, he yelled that he was going to cum. She lifted up and his penis barely slipped out of her as it started shooting jets of sticky sperm all over my wife’s behind, inner thigh, and pubic area. That was a close one.

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife G-String Panties Nice Ass

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife G-String Panties Nice Ass

Then he said something, and she quickly pulled her panties back on without cleaning up Troy’s semen. He got his shorts back on, and out they came to the pool area. He said he had to get back to the church for a meeting, and my wife volunteered to take him. The only thing the camera didn’t catch was the blowjob she gave him in the church parking lot while they were in the car. She told me all about it as I was going down on her puffy, red pussy. I didn’t even wait. When she got back, I lifted up her skirt, pulled down her cum-filled panties, and licked her used pussy all over.
Needless to say, Troy keeps coming back for more. He can’t seem to keep his hands out of my wife’s cookie jar. And, she can’t seem to keep her hands off his thick penis. I can’t seem to quit watching my wife getting serviced by other men. It’s a great relationship! We’ve been talking about a threesome with Troy, but my wife said Troy isn’t at that point yet, but he could be – especially if he thought she might not keep giving him blowjobs and sex without having a threesome. I guess that makes me a happy, voluntary cuckold. That’s my first time cuckold story.

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife G-String Panties On Her Knees

Just a Voluntary Cuckold Slutwife G-String Panties On Her Knees

An Interracial Creampie Cuckold Story

I had the world by the balls. I had a great job, amazing friends, and a gorgeous wife. Every day seemed like a permanent vacation. Then it all came crashing down. I came home to find my wife sitting in the living room talking to an 18 year old intern from my office. The intern was sobbing and my wife had been crying, too. Staci was pregnant, and she told my wife I was the only one who could be the father. On the table were a couple of home pregnancy tests. I never emailed or text messaged or anything that could prove anything. I was careful, so I denied everything and insisted Staci get the hell out or else I would call the police.
My wife then started screaming at me hysterically. Staci buried her head into her arms. The next thing I saw was a mini video camera which my wife stuck in my face. The video was actually clear, and on the bottom right of the screen you could see Staci giving me oral sex. I rolled my eyes. Why in the hell would she record this shit? I told my wife that it didn’t mean anything, and then Staci got hysterical. “I loved you, asshole. We were going to get married once your divorce was finalized. You were never getting a divorce. You lied to me.” She was still wailing as I left the house and jumped into my car. My wife came running out of the house and threw a Coke can at my car which landed in the middle of the cul-de-sac. The neighbors got a nice little show that day.
I checked into a hotel and started damage control. My work was more than helpful. I wasn’t the first that dipped into the intern pool, and I would surely not be the last. Staci was given a permanent job in the company, and thankfully she would later get an abortion. My wife wasn’t so easy to smooth over. She insisted on counseling, and my office insisted on counseling as well. After all, they wanted me to pay a small price for my lack of discretion. The counseling was painful, but I knew all the right words to say. So, we eventually got back together, but my wife was ‘emotionally scarred’ as she would call it.
Naturally, I couldn’t stay out of the henhouse. And of all the girls I could have chosen, I went back to Staci. She was so wrong for me on so many levels that I couldn’t resist. A few “I love you’s” and I was back in her pants. This time, I made sure there was no camera…ever! This girl was so impressionable and so pleasing that I got her to give me anal sex, oral sex, and anything else devious that my mind could come up with. There wasn’t anything I could do or say wrong with her. Since she was new to an adult sexual relationship, I could mold her into my wildest desires.
Still I always let her know upfront that I wouldn’t be leaving my wife anytime soon, but I would stay committed to Staci for as long as she would have me. It was a strange relationship that ended with a set-up. Staci and I were at her apartment during lunch. She managed to let my wife know when and where and left the door unlocked. I heard the door open but assumed it was her roommate. In walked my wife with Staci on top of me in a 69 position. I couldn’t move her away fast enough. My wife walked over and slapped me across my ear, and screamed the whole time as she was leaving. Staci looked at me with a wicked look of pleasure across her face and then ordered me to leave which I did.
I figured if I got out of it once, I could smooth my wife over again. She was as much into living in comfort as I was and must have known a divorce would end it for both of us. She wouldn’t speak to me that night or the next night. About the third night, we finally had a civil discussion. I suggested counseling. She said she needed to work things out on her own. I told her I would be there for as long as she needed. Staci was cool at work. She kept her mouth shut. Her job was way better than she should have ever had to begin with and she didn’t want to jeopardize it. Plus, she seemed satisfied with her vengeance on me.
The fifth night I came home to the surprise of my life. I walked in with my usual swagger and confidence to meet two big black guys in my house. I reached for my cell phone as I started to quickly walk to the door, when I heard my wife call out to me. Everything was fine. We weren’t being robbed. She said that these were a couple of guys working on the plumbing. They were well-dressed, and even though they hadn’t spoken a word, they looked clean-cut and educated. Something didn’t add up. I asked her if we could talk and she said sure. I said in private, and she said no. I motioned toward our bedroom, and she finally changed her mind to talk in private. Or, so I thought. The black guys followed us into the bedroom.
Then my wife shocked the shit out of me. She started taking her clothes off in front of everyone. I was speechless, and I reached over and tried to pull the bedspread across her. Then one of the black guys finally spoke. He told me to relax. He said it in such a deep, stern manner, that I instantly dropped the sheet and stepped back. He then told me to strip down to my boxers. I finally got the courage to tell him to fuck off, and started to walk to the door. The other guy blocked my way, and the first guy firmly held me by my shoulder and guided me into my wife’s makeup chair. “Down to your boxers, now.” I got down to my t-shirt and boxers, and I was confused as hell. My wife never established eye contact with me once, and you could see pure deviousness in her expression.
She was down to her panties and bra and making suggestive poses as she was moving on the bed. She said, “Cal, come here.” Cal stood at the foot of the bed, and my wife moved over and sat directly in front of him. She said, “You getting this, Mario?” “Yeah.” Mario had the same video camera and started recording my wife undressing Cal. Just when I started to say something, Mario looked down at me in a menacing way. I sensed I was inches away from getting punched and beaten, so I shut up. Mario then said, “I thought I told you down to your boxers.” I kind of bowed my head, and then took my socks and t-shirt off.

Interracial Cuckold Story Wife Cleavage

Interracial Cuckold Story Wife Cleavage

The next time I looked up, my wife had Cal’s dick in her hand. She was still in her bra and panties with Cal’s big hands feeling under her bra. She slowly worked his penis in her hands. It was like a deep blue-black color with a light color head. The thing I remembered most was how thick it was. It looked deformed it was so thick. My wife commented, “Oh Calvin, it’s getting hard.” Within seconds, his dick was dripping with pre-cum. Cal liked what my wife was doing to him. By this time he stood my wife up in front of him, and used his teeth to pull her panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them, and then he lifted her in the air, and gently positioned her over his penis. She slipped her hand around his girth and guided him in slowly. She winced and gasped a couple of times as he penetrated her. From my view, her pussy looked like it couldn’t get stretched any further.
Mario looked down at me and said, “Take off your shorts now.” I told him no. He said it again only this time I felt fear like I have never known. I took my shorts off, and out sprung my boner. Mario looked at my erection and then muttered, “Faggot.”
Cal took my wife standing up. He held her by her butt, and she had her arms draped over his shoulders. She was quivering and grunting like I never saw her before. Cal didn’t say a whole lot. Just primal grunts and deep noises as her ass slammed against his legs. He told her was going to cum, and she gripped his arms harder. Her nails dug into his black back as his balls constricted and started to pump gallons of cum into my wife. He barebacked her and then never pulled out. He laid her down on the bed with her legs crudely spread open revealing a thick creampie in the middle of my wife’s long legs. It started to ooze slowly out of her and then kind of stopped in a puddle in and around her labia.
I was disgusted and repulsed by what my beautiful wife had just done. I know it’s a double-standard, but it didn’t seem like such a big deal for me to cheat. Watching her getting fucked by a black guy was wrong. My wife then said, “Does Mario want a turn?” Mario said, “Hell yeah.” My wife asked me, “You think Mario should get a turn?” I was a beaten man. What was the difference if my wife got sex from a second black guy? I replied softly, “Yeah.”
Mario handed the camera to Cal, and then my wife started to disrobe him. He was already hard, and while his dick wasn’t as wide as Cal’s, it was still a hell of a lot bigger than mine. Mario then came over to me and grabbed me by the arm. He pushed me down between my wife’s legs, and told me to clean her out. The odor of Cal’s semen mixed with my wife’s juices repulsed me. I felt his big black hand push my face into my wife’s pussy. “Clean her pussy now!” So, I started licking. I was trying to lick around her pussy and not her creampie, but by now his sperm was everywhere between her legs and inner thighs. I kept focusing on not tasting or getting too close to her vagina, when suddenly I felt my knees push apart.
Mario got behind me in like a wrestling move. I felt his hand push my face in deeper to my wife’s pussy. My nose and lips were getting wet. Then I felt his dick pressing against my ass. I tried to look back but I felt the hand holding me down. I started to dry heave because of the sperm getting near my eyes. Before I could get a grip, Mario started pushing his dick inside me.
I’ve only ever been with women, and I tried to fight back. It was then I realized it wasn’t Mario holding me down. It was Cal. It was hopeless to fight them both. Mario kept spitting on his dick as he roughly penetrated me with my face still pressed between my wife’s legs. I didn’t scream or let them see me in any kind of pain. I just took it. Eventually Cal let go of my head, and I glanced up from between my wife’s legs to see her holding the video camera. I heard Cal comment on my hard-on. I had no control of my dick. I don’t know why it was hard.
Mario gripped me by my hips and just kept hammering away. Every now and then I felt him spread my ass cheeks apart and spit. After a few minutes, I was praying he would finish. I knew I couldn’t take much more. He finally started pumping harder and slower and then finally stopped pumping altogether. He started grunting as he held it inside me and I felt little spasms and throbbing inside me. A black man was cumming inside me while my face was planted between my wife’s legs with semen smeared all over it. “You want me to make him lick my dick clean?” Thank the heavens my wife mercifully said no. As they were leaving they told me if they found out I touched my wife, they would physically take care of me and the tape would be on the internet the next day.
When they left, I got up and walked over to the shower. I had tears in my eyes and blood dripping from between my legs as I showered off the dried cum on my face. When my wife came into the shower, she hugged me from behind. I wanted to push her away, but I couldn’t. I needed to be close to her also. I made myself stop crying, and I tried to be strong. I didn’t want her to see the tears. She didn’t say she was sorry, but I got the impression maybe she was. I took the day off from work and just watched TV.
Around noon, the doorbell rang. It was Cal. He tossed me a copy of the tape. He made sure I knew it was just a copy. He then took my wife inside the bedroom and proceeded to have loud sex with her for the next hour or so. When they came out, my wife was wearing a t-shirt and no panties. She was walking like she was bow-legged. She sat down on the couch next to me, and I caught the smell of their sex instantly. Cal kissed her on the lips goodbye and said, “Clean her up, please.” I kind of had my head bowed, but I half-way acknowledged him. “Now,” he said, “unless you need Mario to help.”
Interracial Cuckold Story Wife in Bed

Interracial Cuckold Story Wife in Bed

I got on my knees between my wife’s legs, and this time I gave her oral sex like when we first started dating. I lapped up Cal’s semen. I washed my wife’s labia, vagina, and thighs with my tongue and mouth. I heard the door close as Cal left, and I still kept licking away. I was defeated. I actually brought my wife to an orgasm. She gave me a slight smile and then tossed me a condom. She rolled over doggie style on the edge of the couch. I looked at her engorged, freshly licked pussy, and then I looked down at my erection. I was worried Cal might come back, but I needed this. I slipped the condom on, and I glided almost too easy into my wife. Cal really spread her wide down there. I came literally in seconds. It was demoralizing how fast I came. My wife shot me a pathetic glance and asked, “Did you? Already?” I just pulled out and went to the bathroom to clean up.
Thankfully, Mario hasn’t come back for seconds. Cal, however, is now almost a fixture in our bedroom. When he spends the night, I have to sleep at the foot of the bed for when I am needed to service or clean my wife. I usually sleep with my face closer to her feet. It’s creepy the other way.
I still have my great job. The interns don’t look at me the way they used to. I always feel like Staci knows something about my situation, too. I still have my gorgeous wife, except I have to share her with her black boyfriend. I use the word ‘share’ in the most unfair sense of the word. Cal owns my wife, and I rarely get to be with her like a real husband, but we are still married and care for each other in a weird sort of way. Even though I would never admit it to anyone, I know deep down that I am a cuckold in every sense of the word. Cal and my wife have me by the balls. That’s my cuckold story.

Office Slut Cuckold

My wife and I graduated the same year from the same college, and we both got hired on by the same company. I got promoted a little faster than she did even though she was probably the harder worked. I golfed with the boys, and partied with the boys. She stayed home mostly after work with our two dogs which comprised our little family. Everything was going great until a Halloween office party.

Office Slut In Bed

Office Slut In Bed

At the office party I drank a little too much. I had never cheated on Belle before, but I hooked up with a drunken single-mom secretary from staffing. We went into a supply closet and started making out. As I reached under her skirt to pull her panties down, she said she was on her period. She smiled, then dropped to her knees and undid my pants. I quickly pulled out my cell phone, and recorded probably the best blow job I have ever gotten in my life. She licked my balls, and she swallowed, too, all the while looking straight into the camera.
Lucky for me, no one noticed our little detour to the supply closet. Belle was in her own world getting face time and working new contacts. We drove home, and then I had the best sex with Belle that night. We went to church on Sunday, and everything was business as usual.
First thing Monday, I was called into the Regional Manager’s office. I had just gotten my annual raise, so I thought maybe it was related to that. My heart almost stopped when I noticed Kate, the single-mom, sitting in the office dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief. At the center of the table was my cell phone with a blue sticky note attached to it.
Kate got fired. I was allowed to resign. My decision was made ten times easier when I noticed the handwriting on the note was Belle’s. She turned the phone over to my boss. I caught up with Kate in the parking lot. She was still in tears. I asked her if she was going to be ok. She said she never wanted to see me again for the rest of her life. As she pulled out, I saw Belle coming out of the office building towards me. My stomach was all knotted up.
She had almost a smile on her face. “I see you got your cell phone back.” I told her, “It’s not what you think. I was drunk.” Belle told me to save it. We would talk later at home. She pulled into the driveway a little earlier than normal which means she left work early – something she never did. She greeted me by saying she was a candidate for my job.
I was stunned, and almost didn’t believe her. She was still a junior-level employee, and she hadn’t really done anything to merit consideration for my job. There at least 4-5 mid-level managers who had put in the time and were more than qualified. And that’s assuming they hire from within.
I had dinner waiting, and I was all set to start some major ass kissing and apologizing. She didn’t even address Kate or the cell phone once during dinner. I told her we have to talk, and she abruptly stated that,” No, we don’t. Everything is taken care of.” I knew better than to press the issue. Still, she was acting extremely weird.
I wasn’t sure if I was welcome in the bed, but she told me to turn off the bedroom lamp when I came to bed, which meant I would be sleeping in our bed. As soon as I got into bed, and the lights were off, she broke the silence. “Don’t you want to know how I got to be in consideration for promotion?” I lied there quiet. I was curious, but I could tell by her tone and voice that I was not going to like the answer. She paused for a few seconds. “I sucked Bob’s dick. I did it right in his office. I told him I would do anything to get your job. He asked what anything might mean. I pulled the curtains shut, locked the door, and knelt down before him. Since he wasn’t doing anything to stop me, I dropped his slacks. Then his tightie-whities. Funny, you wouldn’t picture Bob as wearing white briefs. Then I went down on him, and he liked it so much that he told me I was going to be in consideration. I hadn’t even finished sucking him off and he said that.” I was paralyzed. I couldn’t say a word. “Once he said I was in consideration, I decided I was going to let him cum in my mouth. And, you know I don’t let anyone cum in my mouth.” That was true. You could cum on her chest or on a towel, but not on her face or in her mouth. She then asked, “What do you think of that?”
I lied there in bed without moving or saying another word. Added to my shock of hearing of my wife’s infidelities was the confusion of why my dick was rock hard. I was also terrified my wife would notice my hard-on. So, I did nothing. She muttered something about me being a total loser and rolled over. I was pissed that she could fall asleep so quickly and easily. I saw the clock at 1am, 2 am, and I think 3am.
She woke me up with a kiss on the cheek, “I’m off to start working on getting that promotion. Make sure you take out the trash. The classifieds are on the breakfast table. You can also job search online.” Then she was off. I circled a few random ads and I didn’t even bother to look online. I didn’t make one call. I watched TV and surfed the internet to kill time until my wife came home. Then the phone rang. She needed to take a meeting and would be late for dinner.
She came home about three hours later than she normally does. I surveyed her face, and saw an almost smug look on her. She was pleased about something. We sat down for a late dinner, and I didn’t have to pry any information out of her. She said, “I went out on a dinner date with Bob and the VP of sales, Richard. Richard was such a dear. He helped me to get a better focus on my career path. He really was genuine in that he wanted me to succeed. Then he asked me if I wanted to see a studio apartment he just purchased near the office. I told him yeah. The three of us drove there. Richard asked Bob to watch the car since he purposely didn’t use his parking pass, so I kind of knew Richard had ulterior motives. We had a couple of drinks, and then Richard took me by the hand into the bedroom.”
I was motionless again. I couldn’t tell if my breathing was shallow or heavy. I was just there. She looked at me and asked if I was ok. I told her yeah. She said she wouldn’t go into details. I gathered myself, and told her it’s better if I know everything. Everything is what I got.
She continued, “You know Richard comes across as almost timid sometimes. He is soft-spoken, but everyone listens to him. Well, once we got into the bedroom, he was a totally different person. He pushed me down on the bed and stood before me almost demanding a blowjob without saying a word. So, I undid his pants, and oh my god, he had the ugliest, big dick I have ever seen. It was uncut and semi-hard, so there was a lot of skin everywhere. It had a strange smell, too. It was clean, but different. I put my hands on it, and was just looking at it. After a couple of seconds, he had enough. He got me loosely by my hair, and pushed my head down on his cock. I knew I was in trouble because it was already big when it wasn’t hard. He was making me gag, and I know my teeth were scraping the shit out of him, because he kept grunting. I was almost to the point of telling him that I couldn’t do it anymore, when he got me by the waist, and flipped me over the edge of the bed doggie style. He lifted up my skirt, and ripped my pantyhose open. He pushed my panties to the side, and then he pushed it in to me so fast that it made me scream. He pushed me back down to where my chest and face were on the bed with my ass sticking up at him, and he started pounding my pussy. He kept slapping my ass so hard, too. He slapped it so hard that it hurt more than it felt good. My ass still hurts right now. I told him not to come inside me. I didn’t bring any of your rubbers, and he doesn’t ‘believe’ in them. Thankfully, he came fast. I tried to scoot up once I felt him coming, but he pushed me back down and kind of pinned me on the bed. I felt his dick throbbing inside me as pulse after pulse of his semen went inside me. We were both dripping sweat. Every time I tried to make a motion to get up, he put light pressure down on me to let me know that he wasn’t ready to pull out yet. We stayed like that while his dick slowly started to go down. Then the bell rang. It was Bob. We ignored all of his cell calls, so finally he came upstairs. We quickly straightened our clothes, and left. On the way, Richard assured me I would get promoted to possibly his personal assistant if not better. We dropped off Richard at his car, and then Bob was kind of hinting around. I told him I would have to take a rain check, and hopped out and here I am.”
All I said was ‘wow’. She asked if I believed her. I said I did. Without any warning she stood up and bent over in front of me. She pulled up her skirt, and immediately I noticed her torn pantyhose. It was torn at the inner thigh and along the seat of her pantyhose. I could see her cheeks still bright red from the spankings, too. She stood up and shot me a quick glance with a devious smile. Then she went to the bedroom. I waited until my hard-on subsided, and made my way to the bedroom. She was on the bed talking to someone on the phone. Their conversation was intimate, and I thought it might have been one of her workout friends, until she mentioned something about ‘brushing his crotch by accident’ and then cackling in laughter. She was in bed sitting cross-legged in her panties. I was getting ready to walk out of the bedroom and give her some privacy, when she motioned for me to come back in.
She covered the cell phone and asked if I would rub some ointment on her. I said ok. To my surprise she shucked her panties off and opened up her legs. She glanced down at her crotch as she handed me the salve. I dropped down on my elbows between her legs and immediately I caught a whiff of their sex. It was a pungent odor of cum and her pussy. I fought through gagging, and started to rub the ointment on her. Her labia were bright red and very puffy. There was slight tearing or chaffing on her inner lips. Richard must have been big, and he was definitely rough with her. All the while she was talking to some guy from the office. From the conversation, I couldn’t discern who he was. But, if they hadn’t already had sex, they sure sounded like they were on the road to hooking up soon.
She said her goodbyes as I was finishing up rubbing the lotion between her legs. She winced a couple of times, and then commented, “He was probably the biggest I have ever had. He was certainly the thickest as you have probably noticed.” Positioned between her slut legs and inhaling her infidelity with every breath, I finally got the nerve to confront her. I asked her if she wanted a divorce. I couldn’t live like this anymore.

Office Slut with a Nice Chest

Office Slut with a Nice Chest

She said that there would be no divorce, and we were still very much a couple. She cared for me, and she could tell I still loved her. Truth is, ever since other men started taking an interest in her, I started wanting her even more. The more she slept around, the more I wanted to be with her. She said to consider her actions as a means to gain advancement in the company and nothing more. It was true. While she was a hard working employee, she never once got a substantial raise. In a matter of two weeks of ‘playing the game’, her salary literally tripled – far more than mine ever was. She got her own office, and she had her own secretary and access to two temps.
I asked her if we could move away and maybe start over. We both made mistakes and a fresh start would definitely make things better. She looked at me, and said that was not possible. She said if I can’t get adjusted to her career, then we shouldn’t be together. She told me to think about it. She was committed to me and her career, and I should do the same. Then she rolled me over on my back, and pulled down my pj’s with her teeth. My dick was oozing out pre-cum. My boxers and pj’s were soaked. She rubbed me a couple of times, and even before she put her lips on me, I exploded into her hair and shoulder. She started laughing, and I did too. That was when I knew I would be okay with the way things were.
There were times when I wasn’t so sure, though. She brought home a black businessman from Florida named Bill to have lunch and discuss establishing a joint overseas account. It didn’t take a genius to figure out why the company chose my wife to land this account. As soon as she stepped into the house, she sent me on an errand to get Mexican takeout. When I got home, I came in through the garage, and there was my wife on her knees in front of Bill with her head bobbing back and forth. He was grunting and moaning in between calling my wife some vile names. After about a minute, he took my wife by the hand and laid her on the couch. She stopped him and reached in her purse for a condom. She sucked him slowly while she slid the condom on his purple-black dick. I don’t know what size the condoms my wife had, but it looked like it only rolled down a little over half of his dick. I figured that was good enough as long as the sperm didn’t go inside my wife.
She hoisted up her skirt, and slipped her panties down her legs until they got stuck on her left high heeled shoe. He mounted her with her white legs on his black-as-coal shoulders, and he started to slowly fuck my wife. The panties on her high heels were waiving around like a bright red flag as he thrust into her. He was clenching her tits through her blouse, and after several minutes, he started making guttural noises. He yelled out he was coming and then ejaculated into the condom that was on his dick buried deep inside my wife. He then slumped over her with her legs still on his shoulders. So, there is my wife with her legs spread wide open and a thick black man deep inside her vagina. Her legs were in the air almost waving around her red panties. It was almost comical, except for when I saw the condom totally rolled up at the base of his cock. It broke during their rough sex, and neither one figured it out. When he pulled out, spoonfuls of thick goo dripped out of my wife’s vagina. She grabbed her abdomen and looked between her legs. She gasped, and then looked at Bill who was busy saying he was so sorry. Then she let out a little laugh and flashed her gorgeous smile.
I quickly went outside and rang the doorbell. After a couple of minutes, she opened the door. Her hair was a little out of place, but otherwise you couldn’t tell. As I walked in I saw her red panties on the floor near the couch. She saw them, too, and quickly gathered them up, and secretly stuffed them in Bill’s front pocket. That’s probably why he had a big smile during the lunch. Over lunch I learned she got the account. He didn’t ask any specifics. He just signed away. That was the first account that tied in a commission on top of her bloated salary. After Bill left, she was on cloud nine. I don’t know if it was the sex or knowing when she got into work the next day that she was going to get some major kudos.
She asked me if I got a look at the ‘size of that thing’. I told her I saw everything, even her getting barebacked and creampied. She said the condom broke, and chances are that she wasn’t going to get pregnant anyway. She sensed my discomfort and told me to get some lotion and meet her in the bedroom. When I got there she was topless and motioned me onto the bed. She lotioned up my dick and started giving me an incredible hand job. She was almost thanking me for understanding her needs. When she commented on Bill’s length and how much of a turn on it was for her, I shot my load. It was a turn on for me, too.
She ended up getting pregnant. We agreed to get an abortion. I could tell she didn’t want to abort, but her career really meant a lot to her, and a baby was the kiss of death to her job. So, she did. Even though she did it for all the wrong reasons, I was very thankful. From then on, I made sure she had a couple of different size condoms in her purse. I didn’t want her catching any diseases or getting pregnant again.
So, here I am prepping my wife for a dinner meeting. She’s going to bring him home after dinner to close the deal. We both decided it is probably safer for her to bring them home where I can be around just in case the sex got too rough or weird. She confessed to me that it isn’t just her work that keeps her busy with other men. She said she likes the attention she gets from other men and the jealousy and desire she sees in me. Never in a million years could I have imagined I would be a willing cuckold. But, here I am rubbing lotion on my wife’s legs, and picking out her thong panties for her date. When she gets back, and her date is gone, I’ll give my wife a backrub and listen to her talk about the date. The next day, I’ll gather her dress and stained underwear and wash them and start another new cuckold day.