My Wife Gives Me 69 Cuckold Reasons

My wife didn’t even try to hide her affair. I walked into my bedroom after work on a Friday night, and she was having sex with another man. I had even called her to ask if she wanted me to pick anything up on my way home. She said no and then hung up. When I saw them having sex, I barged into the room yelling random stuff that I don’t even remember. She was on top and he was holding her by her hips. He saw me and got a little anxious. She looked back at me and then told me to get the fuck out of the bedroom. I started to argue then she looked at me in a way I had never seen before. She yelled at me again, and I walked out to the living room.
You’d think they would get their stuff together and stop since I came home, but they didn’t. The door was still wide open and she was moaning and he was talking dirty to my wife. I put my hands over my ears and just sat there on the living room sofa. After about a half an hour she came out of the bedroom wrapped in a towel and walked to the kitchen to get some water. I got up and started asking the questions.
Why? No particular reason. How long? A couple of months. Who? She said none of your business. I said none of my business…he’s fucking my wife! He then called out and asked if everything was ok. My wife told him yeah and said she would be right there. She grabbed two bottles of water and told me to leave the house for about an hour and then we would talk. I told her hell no. This was my house too, and there’s no way someone is coming in my house and fucking my wife on my bed and getting away with it. I started to raise my voice to her, and then he came out. She said something like finally a real man, and then I slapped her. I don’t know why I did it, but I did. He walked toward me in a menacing way. He told me not to treat a lady like that and to calm the fuck down. I told him she wasn’t a lady, and I could talk to my slut wife any way I wanted to. He didn’t even give me a warning. He punched me on my jaw, and while I was startled he wrestled me to the floor and pinned one of my arms behind me.
How fucked up was that? My wife was asking another man wearing only boxers if he was ok after he punched me and held me down. He made me apologize to her, and then he said I was right. It was my house, and I didn’t have to go. He made me go into the bedroom with them and pushed me down at the foot of the bed. He told her to dial 911 to report an assault. She picked up the phone and paused before she started to dial. Then I started the begging. I had never been in trouble with the law or in jail or anything like that. I begged them not to call. I told her I was sorry, and I had lost control because of the situation. I reassured her and him it wouldn’t happen again. I even apologized to him. It was weird. I was apologizing to the fucker that was screwing my wife on my own bed!
He totally took control of the situation. He told her to put the phone down. He said that my wife was going to move into his apartment for awhile for her safety. He said I would not be having anything to do with her sexually while he was in the picture. Then he started thinking. He said that he changed his mind, and I would be moving out and he would be moving in. Then I started to panic. I really had no where to go. I told him that. He said he didn’t care. Then my wife started whispering to him. They went into the bathroom and closed the door. I honestly thought about getting a gun and shooting him. Within seconds I abandoned that idea. I knew I didn’t have the guts to do it, and I for sure didn’t want to go to jail for the rest of my life.
They came out, and they told me how it was going to be. I would be able to live in my own house, but I could not enter the master bedroom anymore. I could sleep in the guest bedroom or the sofa. Jim, my wife’s boyfriend, would be moving in with my wife. It turns out she met him from work. Jim worked for the catering company that worked at my wife’s office every casual Friday. So, she probably saw him at least twice a month. Jim said my wife was completely off limits. No sex, no blow jobs, nothing. I didn’t say a word. I just listened. I was still at the foot of the bed.
During this time my wife put on her panties and a t-shirt. Jim was still in his boxers. When the talking was done, she told me to leave the bedroom. My head was spinning, but I managed to stand up. Jim pushed me back down and said to watch how my wife really likes it. He started kissing her neck while he ran his hands up my wife’s shirt. She started rubbing his back while they were making out just inches away from me. It was weird but I felt myself getting hard just watching.
He pulled her panties down to her knees and her t-shirt off. He worked his way down her body touching and rubbing her everywhere. He sucked and bit and nibbled her tits. He kissed her abdomen and her inner thighs. He kissed her all the way down to her feet. She had her eyes closed the whole time, and she was in a state of pure bliss. He then leaned her on the bed right next to me. She spread her legs open, and he started giving her oral sex. He stuck a finger inside her as he licked and nibbled her pussy. Her legs kept tensing and contracting, and she moaned like she never moaned with me. After a few minutes her body seized up, and she let out a little yelp and grabbed his head. He actually made her toes curl. This guy was good.
She sat up in the bed with him standing above her. She started rubbing his legs and kissing his abdomen at the same time. She used her teeth to slide his boxers down, and out sprang this monster hard-on. His dick was dark, bulgy and veiny. It was almost grotesque for me to look at it, but I didn’t dare turn away. She kissed her way up his legs, and then she grasped his cock, and lifted it and started to lick, suck, and kiss his huge balls. This was clearly a side of my wife I never knew existed. She stroked his cock and she licked his balls all over almost to the underside of his ass. His cock was dribbling non-stop precum. His cum was oozing around her fingers and over her wedding ring.
Then she licked from the base of his balls all the way up to the top of his dick. She kissed the tip, and then she put it into her mouth. His dick stretched her little mouth, and she cupped and massaged his balls with one hand while she stroked with the other hand. In less than a minute he grabbed her shoulders and told her he was cumming. Whenever I get blowjobs, she pulls it out of her mouth and cups her hand to catch the sperm. With him she just let him cum in her mouth. This guy came so much that it made her gag a little when she tried to swallow it. She got up and looked like she might throw up, and then she swallowed most of it. Some of it was running down her chin and was still on her lips, but she smiled at him and commented on “the gallons of cum” he made.
Then they remembered I was there. He told my wife to give me kiss. She got a devilish grin on her face, and then leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips. I could already smell the sex just sitting there. Having it near my face was disgusting to me, but I couldn’t hide my erection. He said something like the only time I can kiss my wife is right after she sucked his dick.
She giggled, and then they both lay down in bed with her resting on his abdomen and rubbing his legs and crotch. They started talking to each other like I wasn’t there. Then he got hard again. My wife started kissing and licking him again. After about a minute she mounted him. Right in front of me my wife squatted over his dick, and lowered herself onto it. He grabbed her by the hips and every now and then swatted her on the ass. She kept moaning and rubbing her tits for him. Without slipping out, he rolled my wife onto her back and started just pounding her. Her legs were kind of resting on his arms and I had a clear view of her pussy forming a tight seal around his dick. His balls were slapping her butt and she was almost grunting with each stroke. Then he came. He came deep inside her. He took her bareback, and she didn’t say a word when he came inside her.
They kissed for a few seconds, and she giggled after he whispered something to her. Then he rolled over, and she just lay there with her legs spread wide. I could see her pussy was puffy and wet with their juices. The smell of sex was almost nauseating, but again my dick was extremely stiff. The precum was showing through my boxers and my pants. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any lower, she started pushing his cum out of her pussy. It kind of oozed and dribbled out and dripped out in long sticky strands. After all the sex they already had, this guy still shot a huge load inside her.
Then came the moment of truth. He asked if I wanted her to blow me. I said something lame like only if she wanted. He said he already asked her and she said ok as long as a rubber was used. How humiliating, but I said that would be fine. My balls were beyond blue, and as strange and fucked up as the situation was, I couldn’t walk away. She threw a condom at me, and I quickly put it on. Then she asked me to get on the center of the bed. Joe got up and went to the bathroom. She didn’t waste much time and she started giving me a blow job. I thought the condom would bother me, but I don’t know if it was the circumstances or the situation or what, but it seemed like it wasn’t even on. After a few quick strokes, she did something I never expected. She shifted her ass around to a 69 position and thrust her pussy on my face. Her pussy was still sopping wet as she never bothered to clean up. She didn’t just get into a 69. She rubbed herself all over my face, and I felt almost compelled to give her oral sex back. The taste was nasty at first, but the more the blowjob felt good, the less I cared. It felt like it lasted forever, but it probably only took a minute since I was so turned on. Once I came she rolled off and started whispering to Joe. They kind of suppressed giggles as they started to get dressed.
It’s been almost two years, and the three of us still live together. I am definitely the third wheel, but I don’t really mind the situation anymore. Sex with my wife is not the same as it used to be, but sometimes I think it is better. It is more charged with adrenalin with a little jealousy mixed in. I know it isn’t healthy, but it is a new way of life for me. I never dreamed I would be a willing cuckold, but now I can’t see going back to the old way things were. I can always think of 69 reasons to stay as a cuckold guest in my own house.

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