My First Time Cuckold Story

This is about the first time I was cuckolded. After about six years of being married, my wife and I got too comfortable with each other. She put on a few pounds, she quit her job after we got married, and the sex dwindled down to once every other week, and I was okay with that. I spent a lot of time at work and hanging out with my friends. Thus, the perfect cuckold storm was set.
Most of the time, since I was the primary earner in the relationship, I made most of the decisions. We weren’t rich by any means, but we had a little house with a pool. We both drove newer model cars. We never really splurged on anything crazy.
Then one day I got a credit card bill in the mail (one I didn’t know about) with a balance of almost $2,500. My wife had opened a secret account and was making the minimum payment on the balance. I went straight home to confront her about the credit card. She was wearing her usual at home attire: sloppy granny panties and a t-shirt usually with a stain or two. I was mad, and she responded by getting angry with me. She claimed it was none of my business what she did financially. This comment really frustrated me. I mean, I was the one making the money and paying the bills. All she did was spend, and now she’s trying to tell me it’s not my concern. I blurted out, “You stupid fat ass pig. Where do you think the money you’re paying this credit card with is coming from?”
She stopped yelling at me right then and there. My words stabbed right into her, and I wished I could have taken them back. She started tearing up, and she stormed off into the bedroom. She didn’t talk to me for almost 3 days. I was kissing her ass to try and get her to stop grudging me, and she didn’t seem to care. It was like the world shut off for her when I was around.
Then it stopped. She came around, or so I thought. We slipped back into our old routine, and life seemed good again.
She started taking a lot better care of herself which should have been clue number one. She would meet her friends for Friday night drinks and stay out late which should have been clue number two. Clue number three, well, let’s just say I walked in on my wife on her tip toes draped over our living room sofa with a big Mexican looking guy mounting her from behind.
She knew I was coming home after work to pick up my bowling ball. I even called after I left to see if she wanted to bring dinner, and she said to get Chinese takeout. She wanted me to see her like that. I’ve heard before of the explosion of adrenalin at finding out your spouse is cheating on you. Imagine actually seeing it firsthand. It was like an atom bomb inside me.
My anger was welling up inside of me, but at the same time my wife bent over that couch looked one thousand times more attractive than she did the day before. I felt myself start to get hard. I tried to move in past the kitchen door (from the garage), but I was frozen. I couldn’t move. I just stood there watching the show forming a little puddle of precum.
The Mexican was good. He had my wife dancing on her tip toes as he sawed into her vagina. He slapped her ass hard enough to make her jump and moan for him to do it again. He grabbed her by the sides and backs of her thick thighs. He squeezed her hips with his rough hands. He pulled her back by her shoulders as he thrust into her. He reached under and crudely grabbed her tits. Just the other day I made a smart ass comment how much her boobs were drooping. Now they looked awesome as the Mexican groped them.
I thought I was going to faint, it was so much to take in. Then he snapped me back into reality when he yelled at her that he was going to cum. He started to pull away, but my wife reached back and grabbed his thighs and pulled him into her. He stopped pumping and pushed my wife off of her feet as he inserted himself in as far as he could go. I saw his balls suck up and start to pulsate as his butt and thighs started to quiver. He was dumping his load into my wife’s fertile womb.
We had been using a condom or pulling out if we were really desperate and there was no condom around. Then the sex waned, and it wasn’t as much an issue. Now here she was willfully taking another man’s cum inside her pussy. What if she got pregnant?
He stepped back, and my wife dropped back to her tip toes and stayed leaned forward on the couch. He sat on the floor next to her legs and with a big fat smile on his Mexican face. I saw some of his cum dripping out of my wife’s pussy and down her thighs. I thought I was going to get sick. Then she sat right next to him, and they started giggling and touching each other again. This guy looked kind of small until my wife got him aroused. Then his dick sprang up to what had to be a few inches more than me.
She put her mouth on him. Now blowjobs were a special treat for me, and I rarely got them usually only on my birthday and sometimes a lazy weekend. Here was my wife on her knees sucking a strange man. She gave him probably the best blowjob she’s ever given a guy – certainly better than any she ever gave me. As he got closer he gripped her shoulder, and told her he was cumming. She just clamped down on him and kept sucking until he came in my wife’s mouth. She paused for a second, and then I saw her swallow his Mexican cum. She had only ever spit for me. Never swallowed.
He leaned on the back of the sofa with this dick hanging out near my wife’s face. She sat there talking to him, and then she finally caught a glance at me. She looked a little surprised to see me standing and watching, but her look changed to pure evil. She got back on her knees, and started sucking him again. After a minute or so, she started kissing his abdomen all the way up to his face. He then lowered my wife to the floor and mounted her missionary style.
All I could see was my wife’s feet flailing in the air, and his balls slapping my wife’s ass. He had his arms braced on the floor, and he was taking her really rough and hard. She was holding him by his biceps, and I could hear her grunting and moaning. Then he came inside my wife for the second time. After he came, he collapsed onto my wife, and she started stroking his hair and rubbing his back. His dick was still inside her and slowly started to slip out of her. When his erection went all the way down, his dick came out, and little strings of cum poured out of my wife’s pussy.
They talked for about five minutes, and she kissed him on the cheek, and he left. He never saw me, or if he did, he refused to acknowledge my presence. I finally got the nerve to confront my wife. She was cold and emotionless towards me. The tables had completely turned. She was in complete control, and she knew it.
I asked her how could she do it? What if she got pregnant? She said it was easy. He hit on her at the gym, and she came home with him. She said she didn’t care if she got pregnant, and maybe she needed a real man to get her pregnant. I asked her for a divorce. She laughed in my face, and told me to fuck off. She got up and walked upstairs. I followed her like a puppy dog. She went into our bedroom and slammed the door. She locked it, and refused to answer me.
I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, hit something, be angry, or anything. I just sat in the hallway in a daze. About thirty minutes later the doorbell rang. I answered it and there was a buff chinese guy telling me he was here to see my roommate. Before I could say anything, my wife came down and introduced me as her roommate to Johnny. I actually shook his hand while my wife glared me into silence. They sat down on the living room couch and started small talk. Johnny was a manager at a store in the mall it turns out. My wife then commented on needing more privacy (I was in the kitchen trying to eavesdrop the whole time), and she took Johnny’s hand and walked upstairs into the bedroom. She started to close the door, and then paused and left it slightly ajar.
I waited for an agonizing five minutes before I crept upstairs. I was silently hoping I would be wrong, but there was my wife having sex with a second man in the same night. He was kneeling between her legs and going down on her. He rubbed her inner thighs and probed her with his fingers the whole time keeping his mouth on her. This guy had foreplay mastered. He must have stayed between her legs for at least ten minutes which was ten minutes more than I would have. She made it a point to really vocalize her orgasms with him. He brought her to two separate orgasms until she told him she was too sensitive down there. Then he began kissing her inner thighs and rubbing her back and arms. This guy was good.
She pulled him up over her and they started kissing and making out. Then she started kissing his neck and using her hands to direct him towards her mouth. She kissed his chest, his abdomen, and then she kissed his dick, his inner thighs, and she started licking his balls. His balls were huge and hung low, and as soon as she put her mouth on them they got really tight like two fuzzy tennis balls. By now he was doing a push-up over my wife’s face with his dick hovering around her lips. His penis was rock hard. And, when she finally pulled it toward her mouth, she got a look at a bent, small penis. This guy had monster big balls, and a scrawny bent penis! I was laughing inside up until she took him in completely in her mouth. He looked like he was getting ready to cum within in seconds, and then he pushed her head away and it looked like he was composing himself.
He slid down my wife’s body and spread her legs wide. He then mounted her missionary style, and started to fuck my wife gently. After a minute, he wrapped his arms under my wife’s ass and grabbed her by both cheeks and proceeded to hammer away at her pussy.
When he came, he literally screamed something that wasn’t English. His tight balls and his little bent dick spewed forth a river of cum. He kept moaning, and would pause for a grunt when another spurt would shoot up inside my wife. I counted at least seven or eight injections of semen. Even before he pulled out, his cum was streaming from between my wife’s legs and around his dick and down to her butt cheeks. And, they were doing it on my side of the bed.
This guy must have had a sixth sense, because out of the blue he cocked his head around and caught me staring between the hinges. He didn’t freak out or anything, but he got his clothes on right away, muttered something to my wife, and just took off.
I started in on my wife again about her getting pregnant. She said she didn’t care, and then hopped into the shower. She came out fresh and smelling good, and instead of getting her pj’s to go to bed, she went into a shopping bag and pulled out a short dress. She slipped it on, and it hugged her curves and her body. She pulled some black high heels out of the back, and then asked me to zip up her dress. It was skin tight on her, and suddenly my wife didn’t look like a housewife anymore. She looked down at her heels, and then commented about her toenails. She tried doing her nails, but her dress was too tight. So, she asked me to do her toenails for her. She handed me a fire engine red bottle of nail polish, and I painted her nails. She asked me to pull out a pair of panties from her drawer. I looked in, and she had a bunch of new panties alongside her granny panties. Only these were a lot frillier, lacier, and used a lot less material. I handed her some sheer black thong panties that still had the tags on them. She asked how she looked, and I told her the truth. She looked awesome. A little on the trashy side, but amazing. I couldn’t believe it was my wife. She said she was going over to see her mom, and even though I was sure she was going elsewhere, I convinced myself she was telling me the truth.
A couple of hours later, she pulled up in to the driveway. I was waiting at the door because I halfway thought she might want to get with me. I was shocked into shame when in she walked with a black guy at her side. She introduced me to “Gregg with two G’s”, and up they went straight into our bedroom. Again she left the door cracked open. Again I walked up and watched.
The first thing my wife did was get on her knees in front of him and started kissing his crotch through his pants. He called my wife crazy and kept his eyes locked on her face. While kissing his crotch, she undid his belt and started pulling his pants down. He helped her a little and once his pants cleared his cock, they dropped to his ankles. As he stepped out of them, I saw a huge print of a penis in his boxer briefs. My wife started to kiss him through his briefs. The more she kissed, the bigger his dick got until it poked out from under his briefs.
She worked his boxers down with her teeth, and out came a monster black snake. It had to be a solid nine or ten inches long, and thick as a baseball bat. It was a grotesque purplish-blue black color with huge veins. His balls were like two small oranges in a black scrotum. The head of his penis was a purple-black color and was oozing precum. My wife’s eyes lit up and she stared at it as she held it with one of her small hands. She looked into his eyes, and said what he probably had heard a hundred time before, “It’s big.” He laughed, and she giggled. Then she put her mouth on it. She could barely get an inch below the think head of his black cock. She cupped his balls with one hand, and started stroking him while she sucked. He asked her to look at him while she was sucking him, so she did. It was kind of twisted watching another man look into my wife’s eyes while he had his dick in her mouth.
Then he told her was coming, and he jerked his cock out of her hands, and he sprayed gallons of cum onto my wife’s chest, chin, and shoulder. He grabbed the straps of her dress, and pulled her dress down from her shoulders to expose her creamy white breasts. He clutched a boob in each hand, and then started to slowly pump his spent dick in between her tits. The contrast of his black skin and her white skin was killing me and turning me on at the same time.
She started to suck his dick on the upstroke, but he stopped her and just kept slowly pumping his dick in her cleavage. Then he stopped, took a deep breath, and relaxed on the bed. Even flaccid, his dick was still thick and huge. She positioned herself at the crux of his arm next to him, and stroked his cock gingerly alternating at times to rubbing his enormous balls. They were talking lightly, and I couldn’t make out their conversation even though I was practically on top of the door.
A few minutes later, he was hard again. My wife then pulled off her panties, lifted up her skirt, and squatted over his black penis, and for the first time in her life, she had a black dick inside her vagina. He stretched the entrance of her pussy wide, and each time she lifted up, her inner labia clutched at his big dick forming an air tight seal. When this guy came inside her, nothing was going to leak out. There wasn’t any space between his dick and her pussy!
She took his whole dick inside her. She held her abdomen a couple of times on the down stroke. After a little slow fucking, she got up on her high heels (she never took them off) in a squatting position. She held him by the sides, and her calves and legs were flexing as she pumped his dick with her pussy. He liked what she was doing, and her let her know it. In seconds, he shot load after load after load inside her. She stopped and while still squatting, kept her pussy draped around his cock. When he was done inseminating her with his black cum, she rolled off and she had a huge smile on her face. He started putting his clothes on, and I high-tailed it back down to the living room.
He walked out on his own and didn’t even bother saying goodbye. After he was gone I went back upstairs, and she was getting ready for bed. I stood there not knowing what to say. She broke the silence and told me I could sleep upstairs with her. I was relieved and still unsure of how to even talk to her. My wife was a totally different person, and I didn’t know anything about her anymore.
When we got to bed, she started talking about how she needed to explore and find herself. She liked to be desired by men, and the sex was a validation for her. I asked her about using protection, and she said if a child was meant to be, then it was god’s will. That didn’t make any sense to me, but I didn’t pursue the argument. I asked her if we could have sex, and she said yeah, but it would be on her terms and only if I accepted the way things were. She didn’t want a divorce, but she wanted to evolve emotionally and spiritually. I was horny, so I agreed to her terms.
I had sloppy seconds with my wife, and I wasn’t even the second, or third guy. I was the fourth guy in line that night. She had a shower in between, but I was still sticking my dick into the same vagina that had received multiple loads of black semen. I could feel their sex and stickiness as I eased into my wife. I had a hard time getting over my dick touching black cum even if it was inside my wife. As I was having sex with my wife, the images of her fucking all those guys kept flashing in my head. I saw stream after stream of foreign cum shooting deep into my wife’s womb. I didn’t last long.
To make a long story short, my wife did get pregnant. The seriousness of the situation finally brought her back down to earth. We met together with our pastor, and she told him of what had happened and all of the different nationalities the child could be. It was like Russian roulette, except instead of bullets, there was semen inside my wife. The pastor basically said God would not fault me if I needed a divorce, but that the best thing for everybody concerned would be to stay together for the child’s sake. He said if the race of the child was an issue, we could always give it up for adoption. To my wife’s credit, she kept the baby. I was almost 100% sure she was going to abort the baby.
I was not present in the delivery room when the baby was born. My wife and I talked about it before hand, and she was ok with me not being there. It was already humiliating enough to even conceive the thought of an interracial baby. My prayers went unanswered when my wife gave birth to a mixed black baby. Half-Chinese, half-Mexican, I think I could have dealt with much better. The black in the baby was like a badge I had to wear in public with my wife. Plus this brought Gregg back into our lives.
He actually paid child support, and together with my wife refused to have me on the birth certificate. Every month, he hand delivered his child support to my wife in my bedroom. When they were done, the check would be on the drawer, and my wife would be in the shower. This time, she was on birth control. No more mixed babies for us.
My wife never saw the Mexican again, but for some reason, she always had the Chinese fellow over. Their sessions were almost always for “oral pleasures” as she called it. They were always going down on each other, and did the 69 position in every way imaginable. Him on top, her on top, sideways, him standing up and holding her in the air. They still had intercourse every now and then. They spent most of their time massaging each other and going down on each other.
I got to have sex with my wife usually every other week on a Friday night. Other than that, I lived out my sex life through the dicks of other men fucking my wife. I would help her get dressed up and looking good for her ‘dates’ with other men. Then I usually got to watch them having sex in my bedroom on my bed, or I would get to hear her telling me all of the gory details if they went to a hotel or his place. That’s what my life has degenerated down to, and I am fine with it. That’s my first time cuckold story of how I became a cuckold and ‘father’ to an interracial baby.

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  1. You are a very lucky man. I would love to have a wife like this. I would want many beautiful black babies to raise.
    I envy your marriage.

  2. Little far fetched to even be considered true. If it were, the embarrassment of losing your manhood should have done it – or at least you should think about doing it yourself.

  3. Damn man. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda like the idea of watching some good porn where a wife gets hammered by a big guy while the husband watches.. but this is too far. Straight pathetic! Dont take this shit from that bitch, fuck her. Let her have these lame unreliable guys, go find you a woman that you can fuckin trust man.

  4. My lovely, white wife has been having bareback intercourse, with many Blackmen, (18 different Blackmen to this date, she started having sex with Blackmen 6 years ago). My wife became pregnant by one of them, but we don’t know which one. We are so happy raising my wife’s, black baby. We would love to correspond with other married, white couples, who’s white wives also became pregnant by Blackmen!!!

  5. lmfao this shit is all fake and made up.

  6. Far fetched indeed!!! I watched my wife fuck a well hung guy which was awesome, but after arguing for several days, walking in your door to see her cheating, then just stand there and watch it and allow it to litterally happen in front of your face.
    I have a gun cabinet if you all catch my drift.
    Planning and fulfilling a fantasy is one thing, but literally walking in on a supposed loved one is another.
    Nice lie dude.

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