I Am A Cuckold – Admitting You’re a Cuckold is the First Step

Cuckold definition : cuckolds can be married men to any male in domestic relationship with a woman in which he remains exclusive and she does not. The husband usually finds pleasure through that of his wife and they (the wife and extra-marital participant) may both enjoy attempting to actively include him in the act of cuckolding as much as possible through serving her. Some common themes include praising her appearance, attempting to stimulate her sexually at the same time as the additional participant, and generally being engrossed in her enjoyment, usually while masturbating or involving himself in some sexual act with his wife during their activity.

“Cuckold” is derived from the Old French for the Cuckoo bird, “Cocu” with the pejorative suffix -ald. The earliest written use of the Middle English derivation, “cokewold” occurs in 1250. The females of certain varieties of Cuckoo lay their eggs in other bird’s nests, freeing themselves from the need to nurture the eggs to hatching. In medieval Europe, the law, custom, and the church all defined married women as a category of property held by her husband. Although Christian marriage vows strictly enjoined sexual exclusivity in a marriage for both partners, custom and doctrine rarely enforced it on the husband. A married woman who was unfaithful to her vows made a “cuckoo” of the husband who unknowingly provided her, and potentially her illegitimate offspring, with shelter and protection as a tricked bird does to the cuckoo’s eggs.

A nuance of the word often overlooked in contemporary usage is that it refers to a man who, like the bird warming the cuckoo’s eggs, is unaware of his victimization. A man who knows and acquiesced, in his wife’s taking of another lover was called a “wittol,” itself a derivation from the Middle English for “willing (as in knowing) cuckold.” From Wikipedia

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  1. Okay, I admit it. I AM A CUCKOLD.

    I want to watch other men have their way with my GF. I want to see how they handle her, how she reacts and how the two of them work together and cum together. I want to feel the hot burning ache in my chest as I see her light up when she greats her lovers. I want to feel her wet pussy full of other men’s cum……

  2. I am sorry to say that your definition of the term “cuckold” is not quite accurate…however, searching internet, this is unfortunately the common definition

    I am a cuckold myself. That is, I used to be. I was married to a hotwife for many years. Now we parted, but not becasue of this…I would say that the cuckolding relationsship was what kept us going the last couple of years of our marriage

    Now, I have a new girlfriend. She knows about my previous relation and what we did. She is not interessted in such relation. At least, not yet (as she express it)

    Back to the definition: stricktly, a cuckold is a man who’s spause is cheating on him…however, to extend the term a bit, and in a more sexually way try to define it…I think MY definition would be: a man who have cheating wife, and who knows about it and gets exhited about it all

    The difference? well, the cuck do not have to watch (I do rather like that the woman is with the men by herself….my great moments are when it happends (and I know)…and when she comes back and tell it all. Further differences: I do like the idea of servicing her/them. The humilitation part of this for me is that someone we know MAY know about it…


  3. I’m Reid and I admit I am a 53 year old little dicked cuckold. My penis is only 3.75 inches long when it is the hardest and it get that way the quickest when I get to watch my wife fuck other guys!! I also enjoy the humiliation of my wife telling me how much bigger and better the other guys are and when I get to cleanup the creampies!!

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