First Time Cuckold Story

I walked in on my wife on her back on our bed with her thick legs wrapped around a man’s back. Here’s the story on how I became a cuckold. After an executive lunch meeting, I ducked in at home on my way to work for no reason at all other than my home is less than two miles from the conference hall and it’s kinda sorta on the way back to work. I kicked off my shoes, turned on ESPN, and checked the answering machine. I had about a half hour to kill, so I just lounged in my recliner. Then I thought I’d tool around on the internet for a few, so I made my way to the bedroom. As I walked down the hallway I heard my wife talking, or so I thought. Music was playing in the bedroom, which I thought was different. She never really listened to music on her own. If it was on, then she would listen. I called out to her, but she didn’t respond. I almost walked through the door when I saw her on the bed with her supervisor.
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I stood there for what seemed like forever, and then I zombie-walked back into the living room. I tried to gather my thoughts, but my heart was racing one hundred miles an hour. I had the shakes and I started to physically sweat. I walked slowly back to the bedroom and looked through the door between the hinges. My wife had her legs wrapped around him, and was kissing his mouth and rubbing all over his back. It was primal. She was moaning. He was grunting, and they couldn’t stop kissing. When he told her he was going to cum, she held tightly to him. His butt started jerking, and he let out a half grunt half sigh. He wasn’t wearing a condom either.

He rolled off of her, and they lay there for a few seconds talking lightly. I couldn’t hear their words over the music. She got up and went to the bathroom, and then came back and lay down in the crux of his arm. She was tracing her fingers over his abdomen and chest as they talked a little more. I debated heading back to work as I was already going to be late, but I couldn’t leave. She traced her hand down to his cock. In no time he was rock hard again. His cock was really thick. She couldn’t get her fingers all the way around it. It was dark purplish red and just looked different. I had never seen another guy’s dick other than in adult movies, and I didn’t really focus on it much. Now it was just a big nasty thing that my wife put her mouth on. His cock was leaking pre-cum and glistening when she started sucking it. Funny thing looking back was my dick was hard and it was oozing out lots of pre-cum too. He groaned and put his hand on her shoulder to signal his orgasm. Seconds later you could see him ejaculate into her mouth. She kept him in her mouth for several seconds after he came. When she slipped his dick out of her mouth, he relaxed on the bed, and she went up next to him again. She never spit it out!

I figured they must have been together before, because they had the whole routine worked out. They talked some more, and then they both went into the bathroom. I left through the garage where I saw her car parked. I didn’t bother waiting for them. I went back to work where I was no use for the rest of the day. She called me about an hour later to see if we wanted to go out for dinner. She was matter of fact like nothing ever happened.

We went out to dinner. I don’t know how I got through dinner without saying anything about it. When we got home, she started some laundry and started doing busy work. I went to the computer and started searching for evidence or anything. I didn’t find anything. It didn’t matter because I had seen it all with my own eyes.

When we went to bed, she just rolled over on her side away from me. That usually meant she was tired, and there probably wouldn’t be anything sexual unless I bitched. So I bitched, and she just got irritated with me. Then I unleashed on her with everything I saw. She did the exact opposite of what I thought she would do. She went into denial. She denied everything. She was so good at lying that I can see where if I wasn’t there to view it, I would have believed her lies.

I was pissed and relentless. She finally caved, and then she did something else I was unprepared for. She started sobbing and begging forgiveness. I expected her to admit it and then ask for a divorce or something along those lines. She seemed genuine. I made her tell me everything. I wanted to know how long. I wanted to know where, and then I wanted to know why. As she was telling me everything, I started getting hard. I tried not to think about it, but I couldn’t help it and it kept getting harder. She noticed, and started rubbing it through my boxers. The more she told me, the harder and more turned on I got.

She then said she needed to shower first. I told her I couldn’t wait, and I didn’t want to wait for her to shower. She restated that said she needed to clean up first. I told her it didn’t matter. I pulled off her pj’s first, and she sort of started getting into it. She stopped crying, but she was still breathing funny. Then I leaned down and started to pull her panties down. They were black cotton and kind of regular looking. As I worked them down to her knees I caught the smell of their sex. It was kind of pungent at first. I wanted to turn away from it, but I didn’t. I just kept working her panties down. I saw his stains or her stains, not sure which on the crotch of the panties. She obviously didn’t bother putting on new panties.

I entertained the thought of going down on her, but I just couldn’t get up the nerve to. I had already crossed too many lines, and that one was too much for me. I spread her legs, and started rubbing her thighs like I usually do. Her pussy lips were a little puffy and red. She said she was a little sore there, but it was ok. I slid it inside her, and it didn’t go in as easily as I thought it would. I imagined it would slip right in like I thought sloppy seconds meant. It was actually like everyday sex, except I knew in the back of my mind I was having sloppy seconds with my own wife. And, I was the second. I didn’t last that long, and I came inside her – her second or third time that day, but my first.

Then we had the marathon talk session for the next five nights maybe longer. She said she would never cheat again. It was over. She would find someplace else to work. She would take a lie detector test. We worked things out I guess. It supercharged our sex life, even though it changed the dynamics of our relationship for good.

We got to where she would tell me stories of her cheating while she was stroking me with lotion. It was very intense, and I couldn’t cum without hearing her talk about her infidelity. This went on for a couple of months until I felt like I needed more. So, we talked about her seeing him again – this time with my permission.

We set it up for a weekend when I was supposedly out of town. He was reluctant to come over because of the previous situation and my wife breaking it off with him because I found out, but you can’t keep a horny man away. So, he came to see her. I set up our video camera in the bedroom. It was out in the open, but it blended with the bedroom so it didn’t stand out. They sat at the foot of the bed, and then it was like a switch turned on. They started kissing and groping each other for a few minutes. He leaned her back on the bed, lifted up her skirt, and pulled her panties down. When her panties her halfway down, he stuck his face in her crotch and started eating her out. He didn’t move his head away, and he still got her panties down to her ankles. She slipped them the rest of the way off and spread her legs wide for him. It took about five minutes for her to curl her toes, arch her back, and gasp a few times. If she was faking it, give her an academy award.

Then it was his turn. She knelt before him, and took his pants off. He had on white boxer briefs and you could see a tent poking out. She put her mouth on him with his boxers still on. She licked his balls through his boxers and she nuzzled her face all around him. He just fell back onto the bed with his legs hanging from the bed like she was earlier. She kissed his thighs and legs all the way down as she slipped his briefs off. His purple cock looked bigger on the video. It was obviously wet. You could see it glistening in her small hands. She started kissing her way up his legs, and stopped at his balls. She pushed his dick up with her hand, and started licking his balls while slowly stroking him. After a couple of minutes she licked the whole length of his shaft, and then wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. He groaned. He lasted maybe one minute probably sooner than that. He lifted up to tell her he was cumming. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and he shot his load all over the floor, the foot of the bed, and her hands. It was like a river of cum.

She glanced at the camera and then got a towel to wipe up. They rested for a few minutes and actually started talking about her old work. She was rubbing his cock the whole time they were talking. When he was ready, he got between her legs. She reached for his dick, and guided it in slowly. After it was in they slowly started having sex. It was slow and deliberate. There was lots of touching and kissing and caressing. She had her legs rested over his arms just under his shoulders. Gradually he started to thrust harder. You could hear her exhaling lightly with each thrust. She held him by the neck, and massaged him the whole time. After about five minutes he inched closer to her making her legs go up a little higher, and then he twitched his back and butt as he came inside her. She was on the pill, but it still made a little anxious to see him cumming inside her like that.

They kicked back for a few more minutes, and I figured the show was over. It wasn’t. She wriggled her way down to his crotch, and started kissing his abdomen and thighs and balls. She kissed everywhere but his dick. His dick shot back up to attention in seconds. Then she did the lick from the bottom of his balls all the way to the tip top and followed up by putting his dick back into her mouth. She sucked his cock for a few seconds, and the he flipped her over doggie style.
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As slow and gentle as he was missionary style, it was a whole new ballgame doggie style. After she guided his dick inside her, he just started pounding her sex. Her boobs were slapping left and right and forward and backward. Her ass was jiggling with each thrust, and her face contorted with each stroke. He held her by her hips, and roughly used his arms to pull her ass back towards him. He slapped her ass cheeks hard enough to make them red. She gasped with each slap, but you could tell she liked it. That was something we had never done. You could see him rubbing her butt just short of sticking any fingers in. My wife always insisted “exit only”, and it was nice she did the same with him too. When he was done, he shot his load all over her lower back and ass. He groaned and then planted his dick between her butt cheeks, and let it slide up and down her crack while he relaxed. She arched her ass towards him as he slid his cock on her backside. That was a sight to see—my wife with a big cock rubbed between her cheeks with sperm all over her backside.

He got his clothes on, and my wife put her panties on. She walked him to the door topless, and then called me to come home. When I got home, she was in her panties and bra on the bed with an evil little smile. That was the first of many experiences. It is easily the most memorable. That was the day she became a hotwife, and I became a willing cuckold. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. Excellent story…what a wonderful wife u have :)…

  2. i like that she cleaned out all traces in the house when she fucked around on u, but forgot to take a shower… playing with fire? she does look great, lucky u that u love her humiliating u, imagine, u had to divorce her…

  3. You should take your wife off of the pill and see how exciting that would be!

  4. tattooedbrain on March 6th, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    Lick her clean!
    I would of came home and trougg

  5. really hot story….this made me wet

  6. Wow, very intense. Reading it made me want to meet up with another man already :) It’s cool that your wife didn’t do anything for him that she refuses to you (the exit only thing).

  7. I have been in quite a same situation with the difference that a second time I could not resist to join and have his dick sucked, sharing his cum with my wife. Her friend became part of our life.

  8. Lucky man,my wife is also a beauty and cuckolds me sort of,had a 11 inch lover for years

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