Cheating Wife Cuckold Confession

Note: received this post yesterday. This is exactly what this site is all about. The post has been edited & spellchecked, but otherwise it is verbatim from what was sent.

Found your website thru Technorati. I am not sure if this is what you are looking for as there aren’t any posts here. Feel free to pitch it if it doesn’t belong here.

Here goes. I am a cuckold. No one knows this except for my wife and me. My coworkers, my in-laws, my friends don’t know. As much as I try & keep this pushed back in my life I always have this feeling like they know or even worse—should know.

My wife cheated on me with three different guys that I know for sure two of which were nice enough to put her pictures on the internet—just her body/face and his bodyparts. She came clean with the first one because she had to. I discovered emails. I guess she had to come clean with the internet pictures, too. No use denying concrete proof. I am positive there must be more times than this, but she won’t talk about it anymore. Just get over it.

I had a choice to make when all of this came out. I could kick her out of the house and my life, or I could suck it up and deal with it. I sucked it up, so I guess that makes me a cuckold.

She has done her best to make me feel like it’s not going to happen again. I believe her for the most part. I think we’ve both grown up and evolved. However, this is something that is always in the back of my mind. The images both mental and on the internet, the thoughts, and just knowing she has these intimate memories of getting naked with other men are always with me. It’s like getting cuckolded on a regular basis. Something comes up and reminds me of her infidelity, and boom, I get that adrenalin charge in my gut and I’m back in the moment.

Like I said I don’t if this is something that goes on a site like that. At any rate it’s like therapy for me lol. Please keep anonymouse. M.A.

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  1. Consider yourself lucky. Most guys will never get that rush. Remember, if she did that to you in the past, she probably will do it again. You will go through the rest of your marriage never knowing how many other men have fucked your wife. Just get it over with and ask her to start cuckolding you regularly. At least you would get the enjoyment of watching her get fucked and filled with cum.

  2. My 29 year old wife stunning. I take pleasure in other men glancing at her when we go out together. She is 5’9 1/2″ tall, slender, small but firm breasts and dark brown hair.

    I learned she had been dating a coworker a year and a half ago; she later admitted the affair had been ongoing about two and a half months. I was angry at first but calmed down a day or so later. She told me the following day she had broken it off with him. She told him that I’d learned what happened and he agreed.

    But the more I thought about it, the more excited I’d become at the mental image of them fucking. That weekend, we went out for drinks and talked it over. I told that I had become excited about the thought of what she’d done. Later that night, she agreed to tell me about several encounters in detail as we had wild sex.

    Afterward, I told her I wouldn’t mind if she dated other guys. She chewed her lower lip doubtfully but agreed to “think about it.” After perhaps a couple of months, having asked me many times if I was sure that’s what I wanted, she cautiously agreed.

    She told me that night she had picked out the most likely guy. Her 38 year old, married boss had made subtle hints, although the hints were so vague he had deniability had she complained about sexual harrassent. Her boss’s wife is a hospital’s night nurse and the two of them have no evening contact four nights each week.

    The following Friday, she asked him if wanted to join her for a drink after work and talk about a couple of business matters. She had phoned me earlier and told she might not be home until early morning.

    An hour after meeting at the lounge, they drove to a five-minute-drive-away motel, where he pounded her for the next three or so hours. She is still fucking him every two or three weeks as time allows, but he has no idea I know about their affair.

    We have five threesomes with a 31 year old guy she met while in a waiting room while having her car serviced. She has dated five men through her traveling job as her company’s PR rep.

    She met a younger 23 year old grad student while waiting in line at a coffee shop. She stays overnight at his apartment every 3 or 4 weeks when his and her schedules allow. He has stayed at our home twice during the 7 months they have known each other, and I have watched them once; she jerked me off as he fucked her.

    I know this lifestyle isn’t for everyone but it works for us. I can’t say what psychological drives make me desire to either watch or just know that some guy is fucking my tall and lovely wife; I just know that it’s an obsession.

    I know it will someday end but I’ll enjoy it until that day comes.

  3. “She met a younger 23 year old grad student while waiting in line at a coffee shop. She stays overnight at his apartment every 3 or 4 weeks when his and her schedules allow. He has stayed at our home twice during the 7 months they have known each other, and I have watched them once; she jerked me off as he fucked her.” ***** damn, you are one lucky man

  4. I cheated on my wife with the other girl whom I honestly like a lot and my friend asked me if I could let him fuck her and i arranged for them to fuck. She loved it and told me that she will never stop loving me. I told my wife that I cheated on her and that I give her an opportunity to fuck any guy but she wouldn’t believe it but after a couple of months she told me that she got some whom she is interested in and I told her that she can invite him and fuck on our bed. She did but I was never happy, we fought and nearly divorced but I came to my sences and told her I was sorry, I would like her to continue fucking other guys but tell me details in full but she is reluctant because of our fight but she said she like the idea.

  5. on March 25th, 2010 at 1:07 am

    WOW. I got cucked for the forst time last night. My wife who is 5’3 115 pound with 32DD tits, went out on a date with her ex boyfriend last night. She said they didn’t do anything but I’m not sure I beleive her. I tried to eat her out but she kept pulling me up… What do you guys think?

  6. I think you should encourage her to sleep with him. Promise her you won’t get wierd about it and treat her like a princess. Cherish and enjoy your hard-on!

  7. I am a cuckold. My wife and I had a conversation where she told me I can’t satisfy her. I’m too little and she likes big cocks. I had a choice to make. She said we could remain married and she would sneak around and have sex with other men. We could get divorced or I could watch. I chose to be a cuckold and watch other men fuck my wife. Honestly now I am glad I did.

  8. I think that all the women here have no respect for their husbands/boyfriends. The husbands/boyfriends are fools who get off on another guy screwing their woman. Cheating is wrong, no matter how you cut it. If a woman did that to me I would throw her out of a ten story window and give her flying lessons. Die Bitch Die!

  9. I’m doing a couple of men at work ,I’m pretty sure my husband knows but does not say any thing.But we have a great sex life and I think that is why ,He like me give head and swallow it all , just as much as he likes eaten pussy.

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