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Wife Interracial Cuckolded Me

I always found myself looking forward to Fridays.  It was casual dress with the office closing at 3pm.  My wife and I were going to have our usual date night – probably dinner and a movie.  I kicked off my shoes and called out for my wife when I got home.  She yelled from the […]

Cuckolded by a Vengeful Wife

I have to admit I was an arrogant asshole to my wife on more than a few occasions.  Usually after a long day of work, when I got home I didn’t really want to spend a half an hour talking about what a good deal she got at Target or how long it took her […]

An Interracial Creampie Cuckold Story

I had the world by the balls. I had a great job, amazing friends, and a gorgeous wife. Every day seemed like a permanent vacation. Then it all came crashing down. I came home to find my wife sitting in the living room talking to an 18 year old intern from my office. The intern […]

Office Slut Cuckold

My wife and I graduated the same year from the same college, and we both got hired on by the same company. I got promoted a little faster than she did even though she was probably the harder worked. I golfed with the boys, and partied with the boys. She stayed home mostly after work […]