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The Happy Cuckold Story

My wife called me at work and said she had a incredibly sexy surprise for me and to come home for lunch.  I don’t usually head home for lunch because by the time I get there, I only have about 20 or 30 minutes before I have to head back to work.  This time, though, […]

Useless Cuckold in a Threesome – Part 1

Our sex lives seemed a little routine after almost eight years of marriage.  In retrospect, I think I should have been thankful I even had a sex life.  It was me who first suggested we try a threesome.  My gorgeous wife, Heidi, was against the idea from the start.  It took me pressuring and cajoling […]

A Comfortable Cuckold

I was killing time just pacing around a store when my fiance finally called.  “Come over…now.” Everything okay? Yeah, he wants to talk to you. Huh, did you…. No.  Just come over.  Now, please.  And, she hung up. I started thinking what could have happened?  Why does he want to talk to me?  I called […]

My Personal Self-Made Cuckold Story

It started off innocently enough. I met my wife when I was in the military. She was a party girl. I was serious and reserved. Somehow, we clicked and after a couple of years we got married. Before we got married, quite a few people told me of her reputation. She definitely got around. But, […]

Just a Voluntary Cuckold

My own personal freak show started innocently enough when I came home early from a business trip. The client who we were going to meet accepted our offer via fax, which was the first time we got a client without a personal meeting. Rather than get a hotel room, and since it was still early […]