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An Interracial Creampie Cuckold Story

I had the world by the balls. I had a great job, amazing friends, and a gorgeous wife. Every day seemed like a permanent vacation. Then it all came crashing down. I came home to find my wife sitting in the living room talking to an 18 year old intern from my office. The intern […]

Office Slut Cuckold

My wife and I graduated the same year from the same college, and we both got hired on by the same company. I got promoted a little faster than she did even though she was probably the harder worked. I golfed with the boys, and partied with the boys. She stayed home mostly after work […]

My First Time Cuckold Story

This is about the first time I was cuckolded. After about six years of being married, my wife and I got too comfortable with each other. She put on a few pounds, she quit her job after we got married, and the sex dwindled down to once every other week, and I was okay with […]

Unsuspecting Cuckold Story Complete with New Afterword

PART I Looking back, I was a sucker. I was duped. I was probably the butt end of a lot of jokes with a lot of talking behind my back. I was a total chump. In short, I was several times the victim of a cheating wife. I was cuckolded and I did not even […]

Unsuspecting Cuckold Story Conclusion

I had come full circle from being an arrogant, proud man to being transformed in to a humiliated, powerless cuckold. My wife was having unprotected sex with another man on a very regular basis. My only release came from my own hand. Even though we slept on the same bed, she had nothing to do […]