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I was so not looking forward to going on this business trip. Usually I get away with a trip in the middle of week that essentially shortens my workweek. This time it was a Monday morning meeting in Texas of all places. I left on the trip with a female coworker who was pleasant enough in passing, but really grating on the nerves after sitting with her for 10 minutes. So, I am sitting at the airport talking about nothing with Alexandra – no, I’d rather not be called Alex – when my wife calls to see how I’m doing. I told her about Alexandria and how it’s going to be a long trip. She laughed and said for me to have a nice trip and call her first thing in the morning to start her day off the right way. I hung up smiling. She always knew the right things to say.

Slutwife for a Cuckold with Her Legs Spread Open

Slutwife for a Cuckold with Her Legs Spread Open

We’d been married for almost 3 years. I met her when we were paired for a beginner yoga class on the first day. We stayed partners for the rest of the lessons and got married about a year later. Neither of us had been married before, and she never had even been the slightest serious before. Turns out she was engaged to an asshole who I met one day in the parking of lot of her work. I was picking her up for lunch, and before I went into her office, he walked up to me and handed me a sealed envelope. All he said was, “Take care, buddy.” He walked around the end of the building and one protection order later, we’ve fortunately never heard from him again.

I thought he was serving me with papers or maybe he was giving me religious stuff. So, I opened the envelope up right there next to my car. To my horror, there were forty-two 5×7 sexual pictures of my wife with this man. I should have stopped after looking at the first one. In the first one, she was on her knees giving him a blowjob. On her left ring was a wet engagement ring with a nice sized diamond.
That would be our first real argument. She never technically said she was engaged, but she sure gave that impression. In retrospect, I don’t know why it bugged me so much that she never told me. We both had lives before we met. Not only was she defensive about her past engagement, she was pissed at me for looking at all of the pictures.

The pictures were graphic. He took most of the pictures. The only ones she took were of them in a 69 position I suppose so he could see what it looks like with his dick in her mouth from that position.  There were some of them having sex doggie style, her on top, him on top with her legs on his shoulders, and her sitting reverse cowboy on his penis. There were quite a few pictures of of her giving him head. There was one with his sperm on her chest. There was one with her opening her mouth showing his cum in her mouth. The next picture was her spitting it out in the sink with a long rope of cum hanging from her lips. There were two pictures of her getting anal sex from him, which kind of pissed me off as well. She claimed that her backdoor was exit only, and like a chump, I respected that.

We eventually worked our way through the pictures. I put them in my safe deposit box rather than destroy them. I don’t know why, but for some perverse reason I kept them. Some positives from this experience were that I finally got her to try anal sex five times – one more than she claimed she had with her ex-fiance. She also started swallowing for me after this. She claimed she was always a spitter even with him, but she would do that for me because she wanted to.

Things settled down, and we’ve been close in everything we do. About thirty minutes before the plane took off, my boss called and said the meeting was going to be a tele-conference instead. He told us to take Monday off as he was going to handle the meeting with the other CEO personally. I called my wife, and it went straight to voicemail. She had a bad habit of running her batteries dead from talking non-stop to her friends all day. I only had the one carry-on bag. Alexandria had two bags checked into luggage. I was mildly amused that she would make such a rookie mistake. My amusement ended after it cost us about an hour trying to track her bags down. I’m still not sure how her luggage was resolved, but we left in her car without her luggage.

Alexandria dropped me off at home, and I had to sneak in through the garage since my wife wasn’t home. I walked in and made a Coke for myself, and then went upstairs. I dropped my luggage by the door to the bathroom and then turned on the television and kicked back on the bed. I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up to my wife coming home around 10 at night. I called out to her, but she didn’t hear me.

I say up in bed, and looked down at my shoes. I was still in my business shoes. I kicked off my shoes and laid my trousers neatly on the nightstand. I was unbuttoning my shirt as I started walking out of the bedroom door. What was taking her so long?

When I peered out over the upstairs railing, I saw someone else there with my wife. He was a younger, handsome man standing too close behind her as she was reaching in the fridge for a drink. He put his hand on her lower back as he leaned in to take a look in the fridge with her. He was very much into her personal space, and she seemed a little too comfortable with it. She pulled out a wine bottle, and motioned him toward the wine glasses.

I was absolutely stunned! I felt a burning sensation in the deep in the pit of my gut. My breathing was fast and labored. My heart was racing. The adrenalin coursing through my body was prepping me for fight or flight. But, I couldn’t do either! I stood there in my half unbuttoned shirt, silk boxers, and blue crew socks like a complete wimp…a spineless chump. To make matters worse, I felt myself getting sexually aroused.

I got up the energy to back away a little, and hide behind one of my wife’s Japanese statues. I could hear them clearly…almost like they were standing next to me. They were chit-chatting about dinner and dancing. Somewhere along the talk, he said, “Let’s pretend like we’re on our first date.” Without missing a beat my wife replied, “We are on our first date, and if you behave, you might get lucky.” She tossed her hair and laughed as she downed her second glass of wine.

My wife turned on the bigscreen and sat down in the loveseat leaving space for her date. He walked over and sat down in my recliner. It was bad enough he was dating my wife, but my recliner, too? Then she tossed him my remote. While he was flipping channels, my wife got up and refreshed their wine glasses. After she handed him his glass, he reached up and took her by the arm and guided him down on his lap. She giggled and sat on his lap with her right arm around him and her left hand holding her glass. That was the point when I realized they were going to get sexual. And, they did. They got very sexual.

She downed her glass pretty quickly, and gave him the empty. He called her a drunk little partygirl, and she giggled some more and nuzzled her face into his neck. Then it was on. He went in for the passionate kiss, and they started making out like teenagers. He was massaging her back and she was hugging him back while they were in embracing in a round of repeated french kissing. They made out like that for about ten minutes when he started running his hands up her dress. He had her skirt hiked up, and started working her little black thong panties down. She stopped him, kissed him, and said, “Me first.”

She slid off of his lap and onto her knees in front of him. She undid his laces, took of his shoes, and then kissed her way up his slacks to his crotch. As she was rubbing her face on his crotch area, he stood up and helped her loosen his trousers. Once they slipped off and he stepped out of them, my wife pushed him back down on the recliner. He was wearing white boxer briefs that clung to the imprint of his penis which was very errect. My wife rubbed his penis through his briefs and she remarked, “Wow. That’s so big, Mark.” He grinned at her and said, “Wait til it gets fully hard.” She laughed again, and then slid her hands underneath his ass and pulled his briefs down to his ankles.

Up sprang a thick, veiny dick slapping against her hair. She wrapped her skinny hands, yes both hands as it was that big, around the shaft of his penis. She stroked it a couple of times slowly and said, “Oh my god.” Then she giggled and buried her head into his thighs with her head leaning against his cock. It took me a few seconds to realize she was licking and sucking his balls.

She took one of his low hanging balls into her mouth and started sucking deep into her mouth. He winced and drew back, “That hurts, baby. Don’t pull on it.” She glanced up and said, “Oooh. Sorry. I’m so sorry.” She then started licking his balls again & lightly sucking on them as she slowly stroked his shaft with one hand while cupping his nuts with the other hand. He was in complete heaven on my recliner.

Slutwife for a Cuckold in Fishnet Stockings

Slutwife for a Cuckold in Fishnet Stockings

She kissed his balls several times and then looked up between his legs and said, “I’m going to give you the best head you’ve ever had in your life, Mark.” And, she did. She licked him from the bottom of his big ball sack all the way up his thick penis to the engorged head of his dick. She kissed the tip of his dick and swirled her tongue on the underside a few times. Then she jammed his dick into her mouth.

Another pang of adrenal shot through my body. With one hand massaging his balls and the other hand stroking his cock, my wife sucked his dick like a pornstar. She stuck it so far down her throat that she gagged a few times. He was groaning the entire time. My wife’s fingers, including her wedding band, were coated with his pre-cum and her saliva. He was twitching and gripping the arms of the recliner. Then he motioned her back slowly as he stood up. She kept his penis in her mouth the whole time as she adjusted her knees to his standing position.

He told her that he was getting close. She kept working his cock with dribble hanging from her lips and his dick. He then barked, “Rub my ass. Rub my ass please.” Without missing a beat, she moved her hand from his balls and started running her hands over his ass with her fingers rubbing his prostrate area. He grabbed her by her shoulder, “I’m going to cum. I’m cumming now.” She tried to take his cum in her mouth, but each twitch of his ass brought another spurt of cum into her mouth. She gagged and pulled his dick out of her mouth and turned her head to the side. As she was coughing the sperm that she didn’t swallow out of her mouth, his penis kept shooting jets of cum onto her.

He slumped back into the recliner and she jumped up and ran to the downstairs bathroom. When she returned, her dress was completely off. “You splooged all over my black dress!” They both started laughing, and he got up naked and went to my fridge to get them some bottled water. My wife looking ravishing in those micro thong panties, sheer black bra, and stiletto high heels. I caught Mark glancing at her body longingly more than a few times.

My wife was now sitting crosslegged on the loveseat. Mark sat next to her and kissed her lightly as he handed her the water. “That was amazing.” My wife said, “I know, and that’s not even my best.” He said, “Oh no. That was the best ever.” She said, “It was good, but I wasn’t ready for all that cum. That’s the most cum at one time I’ve ever seen.” She patted and rubbed his balls, “These guys make a lot of juice.” He smiled at her and then they started making out again.

Mark was smooth. He got down between her legs and started undoing the straps of her high heels. He was telling her how beautiful she was the whole time. Once he undid one high heel, he started kissing her feet all over. She giggled a little and even pulled back a couple of times, but he kept rubbing her foot while kissing it. After a couple of minutes, he starting licking her feet and sucking her toes. My wife again lightly resisted, and he looked up and told her she had the cutest little feet ever.

He did the same to the other foot and toes all the while rubbing her tight calves and sexy thighs. Then he worked his way up her legs and started kissing her inner thighs while he rubbed her back and waist. Occasionally he’d rub her tits through her bra, but he mostly stayed between her legs. After an eternity, he emerged from between her legs with her black panties in his mouth. She smiled at him as he went down on her.

The man could lick pussy. He had my wife writhing on the couch and begging him to fuck her. He didn’t listen to her words. He brought her to at least two orgasms. I had a hard time keeping track because my wife was bucking uncontrollably and moaning passionately. After 20 minutes or more, my wife twisted herself on the loveseat to a strange kind of 69 position. She had her head between his legs, and he raised up and hunched over her face. She plopped his semi-hard penis into her mouth, and he held her legs apart as he tongued her pussy. It looked almost funny in a caveman kind of way, but they were both in la-la land. His face buried in my wife’s crotch, and my wife with her mouth stuffed with his big dick.

He was rock hard in no time, and without saying a word, they both got up and she spread her legs and bent over the backside of the loveseat. From my vantage point looking over them, I watched his engorged penis slowly penetrate my wife. He was gentle with his big penis. He allowed her time to accommodate it’s girth. He obviously had done this before. After he was deep inside my wife and started rhythmically pumping his cock into her, he stopped and asked her about using a rubber. She said, “I’m on the pill, but you should probably pull out. If you want, you can come in my mouth.” He didn’t reply, and started increasing the tempo of his thrusts.

My wife became his complete slut. She started grinding her skinny ass into his dick to where his skin was making a slapping noise against her skin. With each backstroke, I could see her vaginal lips clinging to his thick penis. His dick was stretching her pussy lips, but they formed a vacuum lock on his shaft. It was like he was pulling her pussy lips out of her body and then shoving them back in. The lock her labia had on his dick would guarantee not a single ounce of semen would be lost. As it turns out, none was. He unloaded a gusher of cum into my wife’s womb. He didn’t bother pulling out, and she didn’t seem to mind getting creampied.

After he came into my wife, they both stood in that position with his penis buried into her vagina. My wife was visibly relaxed, and he kind of slumped over the small of her back. He gradually pulled out and then took his place on my recliner. My wife grabbed her panties and then commented that she was going to clean up and change into something more comfortable.

I cringed. She was going to come upstairs. As they were kissing, I slowly made my way back to the bed. I quietly climbed into bed and while feigning sleep noticed my raging hard on. My boxers were soaked with pre-cum right at the front. My wife still was not aware I was home. She glanced at the television that was still on and then shuddered when she noticed me. How was she going to explain coming into the room wearing only a bra with her soiled panties in her hands?

She panicked for a second and then zoomed out of the bedroom and went downstairs. She was back up to the bedroom fully dressed and in her high heels. She flicked the lights on and said, “Hey hun. When’d you get back?” Thank god she thought I was just waking up, because I was having a hard time forming speech still. “The meeting got canceled. I left a voicemail for you.” She said, “Come on silly, you know my batteries are always dead.” I said, “Come to bed, baby.” She replied, “Just a sec. I think I’m going to take a quick shower. I smell like cigarrettes.” I stood up to give her a hug. Her skin was incredibly soft and she smelled so good. I always liked the perfumes she wore. I said, “You smell great honey.” Come to bed. She started to protest, but then I started getting sexual with her. I know she had to be confused and a little worried she might get busted.  Plus, there were cumstains all over the shoulders and chest of her dress.

She kissed me back and then got on the bed with me. I thought I could taste his semen in her kisses. I tasted the wine for sure. She reached down and said, “You’re happy to see me.” I pushed her down on the bed and got between her legs. She smiled up at me, but I could see the worry in her pretty eyes. I undid her high heels for the second time that night. I kissed her legs, but she stopped me when I got to her thighs. “Let me show you how happy I am you get to stay home for the weekend.” She pulled my boxers off and then went right into giving me a blowjob. She didn’t give me the oral foreplay she gave Mark. She didn’t even kiss my balls, but it was an amazing blow job that lasted all of a minute.

I let her know I was coming, even though she could usually tell when I was already. She covered the head of my penis with her hand as she kept stroking me while I was coming. That’s the way we usually did it. It was cleaner coming in her hand than getting it all over the sheets. She got up to wash her hands and brush her teeth and she commented she was going to take a quick shower. I got up quickly and joined her in the bathroom.

“Baby, you’re fine. Take a shower after we have sex. That makes more sense anyways.” It did make sense, because that’s what she usually did after we had sex. Like a ritual, she would go pee & then shower. So, I took her by the hand, and led her back to the bedroom. I wanted her to feel as uncomfortable as I did earlier. That, and I was horny as hell.  She shucked off her dress and came to bed with me.

I knelt down in between her legs, and before she could stop me, I slipped her panties off. I could smell his cum in there. Even worse, I could see the cumstains in the crotch of her black thong panties. The contrast of his cum and her black panties was stark. I tossed them off to the side, and pretended like I was going to go down on her. She almost jumped out of her skin as she positioned herself doggie style and pressed her ass into my crotch.

I got between my wife’s legs are rubbed my dick along my wife’s swollen, red pussy lips. Her labia were definitely irritated and puffy, but she didn’t say a word as I worked my dick into her for sloppy seconds. My dick slipped right in – way too easy and quickly. It was so fast, she felt the need to comment, “Damn, hun, you got me so wet.” That wasn’t like her at all.

I started fucking my wife probably more aggressively and more forceful than I ever did during our engagement or marriage. I grabbed her by her hips and just pounded my cock deep into her. As I watched my dick going in and out of her, I kept getting mental images of Mark’s big dick plowing into her less than an hour earlier. Usually, I pulled out of my wife because she doesn’t like cum inside her pussy. She says it’s an irritant to her inner labia and makes her itch. This time, I didn’t care. In under three minutes, I shot a monster load deep into my wife’s womb for the second time that night by a different man of course. And, she didn’t say a word. She didn’t care at all.

After I came, I rolled over into the bed, and my wife headed off to the bathroom to expel her latest creampie into the toilet. I heard the shower cut on within a few minutes. She had a lot of action that night, that’s for sure. I turned my head onto my pillow and came face to face with her dirty little panties. Inexplicably, I pressed them to my face and inhaled Mark’s and her scent in them. I got hard again just thinking about my slut wife. With the panties plastered on my face, I pleasured myself in record time. Then, I hid them under my pillow.

The next few days were probably more tense for her than me. Her filthy thong panties stained with his DNA made their way into a ziploc bag and into the safety deposit box right next to the pictures my wife having sex with her ex-fiance. I don’t think she saw him at all for several weeks after. I think she broke it off, but I could tell she missed him. I know I missed the charge I got from seeing my wife being sexual with another man. I couldn’t ask my wife to go out on me, but I could push things in that direction.

I decided to join a bowling league with some of my coworkers. I hated bowling, and hated spending my off time with the people I work with, but this was a way to get in good with work. It also took me out of the picture for 3-4 hours every Friday and Saturday night. I figured my wife wouldn’t return to the scene of the crime, but I installed a video recorder in my bedroom just in case. Good thing I did. The first night I went bowling, my wife had a male visitor over the house.

When Mark came over, it was pretty obvious they hadn’t seen each other since the night I interfered with their lovemaking. They talked a little bit about how much of a close call it was. Mark asked her about five times if she was sure I wouldn’t be coming home. They proceeded to have sex on my bed for the next four hours straight. In fact, my call to the house was the reason they stopped. Mark scrambled to get dressed, and minutes after my wife kissed him goodbye, I was pulling up into the driveway. And, I was horny.

Again, she had a glow about her. It wasn’t only the just-been-fucked-good glow. She had a glow of inner peace and happiness about her, too. I pressured her again for sex. When she doesn’t want sex, she is very clear about it. For the second time, she was a tad nervous to say no to me.

When we got to bed, I yanked her pj’s down and pulled off her tank top. She wasn’t wearing a bra which was normal. But her lack of panties was definitely different for her. She almost made a comment about not having panties on, but she held back, and I didn’t make a big deal about it.

Instead of working my way to her pussy, I went down on her and jammed my face right into her crotch. She shuddered and tried to push my face away. I was completely numb between her legs. I could smell his musk, semen, sperm, and scent all over her crotch. It was repulsive and intoxicating at the same time. I felt like throwing up, but I couldn’t stop licking her and tasting her. I gathered myself and looked up to my wife and told her how good she was down there. She relaxed a tad, but I could feel the tension between her thighs. I spent about five minutes between her legs. I convinced myself I was cleaning her down there, and it needed to be done that way. I also told myself it’s what I had to do for not being enough for my wife for her to go elsewhere. I was a psychological mess.

I mounted my wife missionary style. I kissed her lips as I started pumping her. I could smell her pussy and his dick on our kiss. I was trying to imagine what was going to be on that video of my wife fucking Mark. Just the thought of her getting off sexually with a big-dicked man sent me over the edge. I pulled out and shot my load on her abdomen. She kissed me and then got up and went to take a shower.

The next day, I got hold of the tape and watched them, occasionally fast forwarding, suck and fuck for almost three hours straight. He came inside my wife three times. He pulled out once and drenched her tits with his thick white cum. She sucked him twice and swallowed for him both times! She brushed her teeth three times during the sex session. This guy was a machine.

Slutwife for a Cuckold in Fishnet Stockings and Red Heels

Slutwife for a Cuckold in Fishnet Stockings and Red Heels

I still can’t tell if my wife knows of my knowledge of her affairs. There are times when I think she must know. She quit taking a shower between having sex with me and him. I don’t know if it’s a lack of respect for me or she thinks I don’t notice the difference. But, I can tell you one thing. It’s like an addiction the sexual charge you get after seeing your wife with another man. I hate to say it, but it makes the sex better – even pleasuring myself to videos of my wife fucking another man seem better. Putting my face where another man was just inside my wife is such a sexual turnon. It makes it beyond vivid and real to not only see, but taste, touch, and smell your wife’s infidelity. It’s a sexual sensory overload to be cuckolded like that. I like being a cuckold. I am a cuckold, and I am not ashamed to say it.

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