A Happy Ending Cuckold Story

My work sends me out of town at least once a month on sales calls, seminars, meetings, or conventions. I used look forward to the travel, because there was always something new and exciting, and it was a chance to get away. If you travel a lot, you know what I am talking about. It is fun at the beginning, but it eventually gets old.

Anyways on one trip I was sitting in the hotel watching a crappy pay per view movie when I though I would surprise my girlfriend. I missed her birthday the day before, Thursday, and since I didn’t have to be back until lunch on Monday, I found a cheap Southwest flight home. My best friend dropped me off at my apartment complex. I went upstairs to my apartment, and she wasn’t home. There were a couple of purses and some jeans on the couch. I pulled out a wallet from one of the jeans and looked for and ID. It was of some surfer looking guy whom I had never seen before. I looked in one of the purses and it belonged to her friend from work.

Things were starting to look strange, and my friend was getting a little uncomfortable so I asked him to take off. He gave me the blanket ‘call me for anything’ goodbye and left. I walked to the guest bedroom because it had a slight view to the pool. There she was having a little get together with her friends. So I hurried to change into my bathing suit to go and surprise her. When I got into the master bedroom there right in the middle of the room pointed at the bed was a video camera with a tripod. I thought to myself that was weird, and it was the last thing I expected in my bedroom. My heart started beating unbelievably fast. My stomach just felt a hollow burn, and I started to feel a little dizzy for a second. Then I hit survival mode. I tried to open up the video camera to take the tape, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it open. So, I grabbed the camera, but it was screwed into the tripod. I couldn’t get it undone fast enough, so I just pushed the tripod legs in and took the camera still attached to the tripod. I stopped and then went back and grabbed the power cord. When I bent down to get the power cord I saw the camera bag next to the dresser by the cord. I looked in the bag and there were a couple of tapes and some more wires. So, I took that too. I walked so fast until I got to the apartment Rec Room. Nobody was in there, so I used my key to get in and went to the bathroom. I got the tripod off. I couldn’t get it to go smaller even though it was obviously designed to telescope smaller, so I dropped it in the garbage. I put the camera in the bag and then called my buddy.

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The tension was killing me. The suspense was unreal. I forced myself not to react. I would have more than enough time to go to pieces later. I got back to the airport, and for once it was easy to get a cheap flight back. I didn’t really care about the cost since the company card was paying for it. I have found it makes things a whole lot easier when you keep the costs down though.

I got back to my room and it was show time except I could not get the video camera to work with hotel television. I rewound the tape and then decided to watch it on the camera’s little LCD screen. I turned on the tape and there’s my girlfriend topless sitting on our bed and talking to the camera. She’s saying thing s like, “I can’t believe you. What do you want me to say? Come here.” She looked so happy. She was giggling and laughing the whole time. Then the camera started to shake a little as my girlfriend scooted to the side of the bed where I noticed she was bottomless too. The camera pointed down at her face. Then she reached out took a big cock into her hand.  She started sucking that dick.

I started sweating, shaking, and I couldn’t breath well right way. But I couldn’t stop watching it. The whole time you could hear him moaning in the camera and telling her what he liked. Baby I like it when you kiss my balls. She would take his dick out of her mouth and push it up, and then suck and kiss his balls. Baby don’t stop. It was like a cheap porn movie except this was my girlfriend of the last four years. He told her he was coming, and then she clamped down hard on his cock. You tell he was coming by his dick pulsating & twitching. He pulled his dick out, and she looked up at the camera and opened her mouth showing his cum. She started laughing and then she gagged a little and then spit it into her hand and ran out of the frame of the camera. The guy just started laughing and teasing her, then the picture stopped.

A second later it flickered back on to a new scene. This time there was no build up. This was probably when they used the tripod. It had her facing the camera with him fucking her doggie style. That was the first time I saw anything other than his dick, and I felt like someone just kicked me in the stomach. It wasn’t the surfer guy which for some reason I assumed it was. It was a skinny black guy. I don’t know why I didn’t pick up on it when she was sucking his dick. I guess it must have been the lighting. I don’t know. But you could clearly see this guy was black. I’m not racist or prejudiced or anything like that but I would never in a million years have pictured my girlfriend with a black guy. The bedroom lights were on but the video wasn’t coming out too bright on the LCD screen. You could easily make out his black skin against her white skin.

Just about the whole scene she had her face down in the mattress. He said something to her a couple of times, and she look up at the camera for a few seconds, and then she would rest her chest back down on the mattress. You could really see her working her body back against his. He had both of his black hands on her hips and was yanking her into him. Then he said something to her kind of muffled. She got up and turned to him and started to suck his dick. He grabbed her shoulder and groaned. Then he walked to the camera and shut it off.

There was nothing more on that tape. So, I grabbed one in the bag that was half way. I pressed play. Nothing. I rewound it for a few secs and then pressed play, and they were in the master bathroom with him sitting up on the sink and her bending over sucking his dick. Since the bathroom lights were really bright you could really see how black he was. You could also see that even though this guy was skinny probably around 150 lbs, he had a huge dick. She had one of her hands gripped up toward the top of it, and the other hand she had cupped around his nuts. From where he hand was holding the top part of his dick, she could easily have put her other hand on the bottom part and there would have still been a little space. She has small hands, but this guy was way above average. The thing that really floored me was how wide he was. I noticed it a little before, but in the lights you could see she could get her mouth around the head of his dick and not much more. Her mouth was stretched wide. This got me to thinking about what else was being stretched wide. I watched every tape that night. I didn’t go to sleep until I watched every minute. It was like being paralyzed in front of a TV and you can’t go anywhere.

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She called my cell phone five or six times. I let it go to voicemail each time. The next day I called her cell phone. It was pure cat and mouse. She didn’t want to give out any info, but she was trying real hard to see if I knew anything about him or the camera. I played stupid, told her I loved her, and if she would pick me up from the airport the next day.

Before I left, I mailed myself the camera and tapes. I didn’t want to risk my work having to do anything with this, so I mailed it to my home address. In the attention line I put apartment manager, and I gave the apartment manager a heads-up on the box. When she picked me up, you could instantly tell it was going to be weird. I think she knew I was aware, but she didn’t want to tip her hand in case I didn’t know. So, we chitchatted about nothing all the way home. I set my duffel bag down, and went to take a shower. I knew before I got into the shower she was going to go through it, and she did. There was nothing there.

When we settled into bed, she put on some hot pink panties and a matching bra. I don’t know why, but I always liked seeing her in hot pink. She started getting close to me and kissing on me. All I could think about was that those lips kissing me were wrapped around another guy’s dick a couple of days before. Then she started to go down on me. It felt good. After a minute or two I twisted myself around under her and squeezed low so we could 69. As I started to lick her all I could picture was this big black dick pounding her little pussy. It probably looked the same, but at that time it seemed like it was more open that normal.

These images in my head were not holding me back at all. It was a mixed turn-on to imagine her with someone else while we were having sex. When we were done with 69, she got on her back for sex. I flipped her over doggie style just like in the video, and I started to pound her. She even commented on it saying something like I must have missed her. While I was doing her, I kept looking down at her ass wondering if he fucked her there. She never let me do it to her there. We finished and got ready for bed.

About five minutes after the lights went out I told her I had the camera. Big mistake. Within a half of an hour the police were at our door thanks to the neighbors. Even though I am the only one on the apartment contract and it was her that cheated, they made me leave. I slept in the car that night in the back parking lot where I work.

I took the day off, and when I got home in the morning, she had already moved out. She was completely moved out. Looking back I still respect her for not taking any of my stuff. She didn’t take one thing that wasn’t hers. She was decent that way. She moved in with Terry, Terrance as she calls him even though everyone else calls him Terry. He’s actually a nice guy if you can get over the fact he was fucking your girlfriend.

I gave the camera and tapes back after I made copies of course. I made two sets in case something happened. Then I got on with my life, but the story doesn’t end there.

She ended our relationship in a bad way. She made me talk to him, because she didn’t want to ever speak to me again. She took out an order of protection against me. And, she came to my doorstep asking me to take her back. Even though I had a new girlfriend, I did take her back. I don’t know why, but I did. We got married about three months later, and we’re still together. How’s that for a happy ending?

*** Edited & Name withheld upon request ***

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  1. You sir, are a total idiot–and your cheating ass girlfriend looks like a Who from the Grinch.

  2. I’d Fuck Her!

  3. An excellent story, but incomplete. Did she continue banging black guys? Did she bless you with some beautiful black babies to love and raise?
    Sounds like the beginning to a perfect marriage to me. You are a very lucky man.

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